How to Find Your Garbage Disposal’s Reset Button

Garbage disposals are helpful in any kitchen. It’s unnecessary to remove all food fragments from the sink. Just flip the switch and pour the leftover bits down the drain. All the food waste is out of your kitchen.

Resetting your garbage disposal is frequently the first thing experts advise when something goes wrong with it. It’s a relatively straightforward procedure that can spare you the trouble and expense of calling a plumber.

But if you can’t precisely locate and reset the button, this attempt might not be able to save you from this storm of conflict. The problem is that different brands have different placements for the “red” reset button.

Where Can I Find the Reset Button on My Garbage Disposal Model?

Here are the most popular garbage disposal brands and where to locate the reset button.

Where is Reset Button on Badger Garbage Disposal?

Badger Garbage Disposal

The Badger garbage disposal’s design is one of the most esteemed because of the thoughtful and original concepts that make it user-friendly, especially after a system reset.

Badger garbage disposals have a canister that has a rotor built in it. Additionally, this rotor has impellers that may propel the food scraps into the shredding ring.

However, there is a tiny space between the rotor and the ring shredder. More frequently than not, debris and other particles could inadvertently get grounded and build up in the junction, as mentioned earlier. As a result, the rotor may consequently cease spinning.

To prevent the motor from immediately burning out, you may need to reset it in various situations. You will occasionally need to locate the red reset button on the Badger garbage disposal found below the canister.

Ensure the blocked impellers are cleared before resetting the breaker; otherwise, the reset will fail. 

Where is Reset Button on Moen Garbage Disposal?

Moen Garbage Disposal

Dealing with Moen disposals is also pretty simple. It’s important to remember that before you reset the Moen button, you must turn off all electrical connections, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

You’ll need to go underneath the sink and search for the red button to find the reset button on the Moen garbage disposal. More specifically, the reset button should be on the other end of the Moen disposal power connection.

The model and unit will have a small impact. It could be simpler to locate the reset button on Moen models. Some may be positioned at the end of the system, requiring you to extend your hands further to reach them.

Another essential fact to remember is that virtually all reset buttons are positioned under or roughly at the back of the garbage disposal. The red button on your garbage disposal should protrude once it experiences typical wear and tears.

Where is Reset Button on Whirlaway Garbage Disposal?

Whirlaway Garbage Disposal

The Whirlaway garbage disposal is challenging to use, but the good news is that it’s not impossible. To prevent the disposal from running, turn off the wired connection adjacent to your sink. If it is appropriate, unplug any more outlets.

Pro Tip: Unplug the whole kitchen electrical circuit from the breaker panel to completely shut off the electricity.

But that’s not the case. To ensure the appropriate breaker has been switched off, you must also use a non-contact voltage tester. The voltage meter will beep and flash to alert you if it still detects any electrical contact.

The disposal must then be opened so that you may look inside. At this point, you may use a flashlight to get a better look. You can locate the red reset button inside the disposal. You can also use tongs, at this point, to remove any apparent objects trapped in the system.

You shouldn’t proceed with the subsequent steps before removing the blocker. The red button should be near the bed as well as on the side of the Whirlaway disposal. Additionally, the button must make a “clicking” sound when pressed.

Where is Reset Button on Waste King Garbage Disposal?

Waste King Garbage Disposal

Waste King disposal has a prerequisite for resetting the appliance. The alarms in your mind will go off when you notice a lot of buzzing or humming noises from your garbage disposal, just like they would with any other one.

Be calm under such dreadful circumstances. Before you dive in to reset the system immediately, you must first remove the stopper or splash guard by inserting a wooden handle or broomstick inside the garbage disposal.

To remove the residue and dirt, move the broom handle around in different directions while switching positions.

As a result, if you don’t see any positive outcomes and the disposal refuses to turn back on, you may have to resort to the “miraculous” red button. Sometimes all that’s required is to unclog the garbage disposal; other times, more effort is required.

In light of this, you may find the red reset button close to the Waste King disposal’s power connection. The button should be located on the opposite end of the power cable. Even though it might be a little difficult to confirm, it should be simple to identify if you can locate the power cable.

To restore and use the Waste King disposal to its maximum capacity, position it correctly and click the button.

Where is Reset Button on Kenmore Garbage Disposal?

Kenmore Garbage Disposal

It’s common to need to do some research and ask your pals where the hidden red button is while you’re resetting Kenmore waste disposal.

However, even with a high-end disposal like the Kenmore, locating and using this valuable item is a piece of cake.

Here are a few pointers on what to do before finding and pushing the red reset button.

Make sure the switch for the Kenmore garbage disposal is off. You may now proceed to find the red button because you are no longer in any dangerous situations.

The Kenmore disposal’s red reset button is positioned at the bottom and rear end. When the disposal is clogged or experiencing an overload, you’ll notice that the reset button will come out, and the whole thing will switch off.

Experts also advise resetting the Kenmore disposal’s circuit breaker to renew electrical power if necessary and when the disposal needs more oomph and backup.

Where is Reset Button on Barracuda Garbage Disposal?

If you have a Barracuda disposal, you’re in luck because not only will it help you dispose of food waste by finely grinding it, but it’s also very affordable!

The Barracuda disposer, like other garbage disposals, may encounter difficulties and common problems. There is nothing particularly nasty about debugging the device.

So, to reset your Barracuda disposal, you must first accurately locate the red button. Be aware that the swivel impellers of a Barracuda disposal produce a clicking sound even when they are working correctly. However, it might be the first and most apparent clue if the sound is missing when the normal function stops.

Before I explain how to locate the red button precisely, you need to be aware of the Barracuda disposal’s comprehensive instruction manual. Before choosing a troubleshoot, you must read the instructions booklet after carefully reading this article.

Another essential factor is checking to see if the reset button has been tripped. However, let’s first examine where it is intended to be used. For the most accessible location and control, a red button should be immediately on the front of the garbage disposal.\

Where is Reset Button on GE Garbage Disposal?

GE Garbage Disposal

The best news is that GE disposals are all essentially built similarly. Additionally, the models are identical regarding GE disposals’ red reset button, which can further reduce your tension. Let’s look at some practical ways to reset the appliance.

It would help if you first switched off the electrical socket dedicated to the disposal. You may find and hit the red button after a minute or so of waiting for the overload control to settle down.

You can find the reset button on your GE disposal’s bottom and lower end.


How can you tell if your garbage disposal needs repair?

When your garbage disposal finally fails, it’s time to upgrade to a better option and add a new appliance to your kitchen. Here are some common signs to know if your disposal needs repair or replacement.

  • There is constant water seeping.
  • You notice slow draining a lot of the time.
  • No matter how well you scrub and clean the area surrounding your garbage disposal, a bad smell constantly lingers.
  • Also, your garbage disposal might not function due to an electrical failure, damaged blades, or other internal malfunction.

What should you do if the reset button on the garbage disposal isn’t working?

When your disposal reset button is not working for an extended period, you must take matters into your own hands and employ a manual strategy. To free the stuck parts, start by opening up the grinding wall.

Turn off the electricity and spin the wrench to release the overloaded wall. After that, reconnect the electrical outlet.

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