What is a Trash Compactor? 

Garbage collection is one of those domestic duties that no one likes to claim, but it is also one of the most vital. Whether you have a large extended family or live in a small household, your garbage cans will overflow at some point. How do you control your trash while maintaining appropriate cleanliness in your home? Purchasing a trash compactor is one option.

In this article, we’ll look at why you might need a trash compactor, what they do, and how they can improve the efficiency of your garbage collection. 

What Does a Home Trash Compactor Do?

Home Trash Compactor

A trash compactor often installed in your kitchen is a trash can with a twist. This trash can has a metal ram that is hydraulically propelled and compresses trash into a compact, dense bundle. Once bagged, this package may be readily disposed of in your outdoor trash can or at any neighborhood waste disposal center.

Using this machine, one can get rid of excess waste that accumulates quickly. This can save you a lot of time, energy, and money. They also help businesses by reducing the frequency of emptying garbage containers. By reducing the volume of garbage, they leave more room to store other waste.

How Does a Trash Compactors Work? 

A trash compactor is made up of several components. To understand how it works, you must first understand the role of each of these components.


The ram is the most important part of a trash compactor’s structure. If the term or its application is unfamiliar to you, the ram of a compactor refers to the massive, hard rectangular surface that compresses accumulated waste.

The compactor’s structure determines whether the ram moves up and down or front and back. It is always made of metal because pushing the garbage down is extremely difficult and heavy.

The Bin

Although the entire structure resembles a trash can, this term refers to the area where you throw all of your trash. This is where the ram will occasionally descend to pile up the existing waste and make room for new waste.

Because it must accommodate a large volume of material, the bin is usually the largest component of commercial trash compactors. This area is frequently designed as drawers so it can be easily accessed when needed.

The Switch

Each trash compactor has a switch that activates the trash compaction. Although their sizes and designs vary greatly, they all have this switch. If you press it and the operation does not trigger, try again.

Now that you know the role of each component, here is how a trash compactor works.

  • A trash compactor compresses trash by using its weight to compress it into smaller bags that are easier to lift and carry.
  • The trash is crushed into small pieces by the compactor and deposited in the trash can.
  • The trash compactor will then eject the compressed bag from the can and continue the process over and over again. 

Please remember that the trash compactor can only handle one type of trash. It will not work for recyclable waste, which must be compacted separately.

Common Trash Disposal Brands

KitchenAid Compactor

KitchenAid compactor

Although the cost of this KitchenAid trash compactor varies, you should plan to spend at least $1,000 on it.

Despite this, trash compactors are often expensive purchases, so it would be worthwhile to spend a few hundred dollars extra for one as exceptional as KitchenAid’s 15-Inch Built-In Trash Compactor in the long run.

With excellent user evaluations, a strong 5-to-1 compression ratio, and a variety of high-end features, KitchenAid is one of the finest trash compactors you can get. It can save you money by lowering the cost of trash bags; it can save you time by reducing the number of garbage days on your to-do list, and it will reduce your environmental impact by reducing your home waste by 80%.

The product also has an odor control system, a long-lasting 1/3 HP motor, and noise reduction technology. It is so understandable why buyers from various merchants have given the product nothing but wonderful reviews, with the majority of them giving it five stars.

Whirlpool Compactor

Whirlpool Compactor

Whirlpool’s under-counter trash compactor reduces home waste by 75% and makes garbage night a straightforward once-a-month event thanks to its strong 4-to-1 compression ratio. Bid farewell to expensive trash bags and frantic early-morning runs to beat the dump truck to the end of your driveway.

Other notable characteristics of the device include a 1/3 HP engine, a touch-toe pedal for ease of use while your hands are full, and a storage capacity of 10.5 gallons. This trash compactor fits discreetly under your kitchen counter and integrates well with any décor thanks to its elegant stainless steel appearance.

Whirlpool is one of the most reputable brands in household appliances, and their 15-Inch Undercounter Trash Compactor is the most dependable model.   Although it costs somewhat more than many other under-counter trash compactors—around $1,000—it still offers one of the finest price/quality ratios available.

Gladiator Compactor

Gladiator Compactor

The 15-Inch Freestanding Garbage Compactor from Gladiator is the easiest trash compactor to transport around. Thanks to its four sturdy rubber wheels, you can easily move the object from the kitchen to storage and then to the garage.

It may not be the most powerful trash compactor available, but it still offers a 4-to-1 compression ratio that will undoubtedly make a significant difference in your household garbage.

Additionally, the trash compactor has a foot pedal that makes it easy to open the bin, an anti-jam mechanism that provides reliable compaction even with a full load, and a hammered granite finish that gives it a sleek, contemporary appearance.

Most people give the product favorable ratings, with a few comments about the item’s strength. Many things have received praise, including its somewhat below-average pricing, usability, and mobility.

Household Essentials Compactor

Going manual saves a ton of money on everything from autos to screwdrivers to coffee machines. The same applies to trash compactors.

The Trash Krusher from Household Essentials is inexpensive, costing around $100 at most stores. That doesn’t seem so awful when compared to mechanical trash compactors, many of which cost over four figures.

Although the Trash Krusher is not the most potent trash compactor on the market, it will help you save many garbage bags and trips to the curb while reducing household waste. The product has a slow-close lid, a soft-touch foot pedal, and a 10-gallon capacity equivalent to many expensive garbage compactors.

Additionally, hand compaction is considerably simpler than it first appears. To reduce your trash to a tiny fraction of its original size, you must press down on a handle located at the top of the lid.

GE Trash Compactor

GE Trash Compactor

The appearance of an under-counter compactor in your kitchen is a crucial consideration when making a purchase. They frequently have flashy, bulky, or just disastrous décor.

Due to its modern and beautiful appearance, GE’s 15-Inch Built-In Trash Compactor stands out as one of the top under-counter appliances. The product may be purchased panel-ready and comes in three color options—black, white, and stainless steel—making it easy to match your cupboards and cabinets. To enhance the beautiful design, even the control panel is concealed.

However, this trash compactor isn’t only a work of beauty and no muscle. It has a rear wheel, a toe-touch pedal, and a detachable drawer for quick and simple cleaning. It can contain up to 10.5 gallons of waste and compresses waste by 75%. The product’s price varies depending on the color choice, although most garbage compactors fall on the more costly end of the pricing range.

Final Words

Finally, if you’ve never used a trash compactor before, you may be unsure of the benefits it can provide. It is a wise investment for a variety of reasons. Taking out the trash is one household chores no one wants to do. As a result, the less work there is to do, the better.

Because a home trash compactor reduces your trash volume, you won’t have to take it out as frequently. It saves time and allows you to concentrate on other things. The compactor can also be used to compact kitchen waste and paper and dispose of garbage.

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