How to Dispose of Tires

What do you do with your old car tires after replacing them? Dump them in the garbage lot? That will be wrong! Tires are toxic and will cause environmental hazards unless you dispose of them properly. Burning them is not different because you will have to deal with thick flames, ashes, and other leftovers. So, how should you dispose of old tires?

You can reuse old tires, take them to professional recyclers, or sell them to a retail tire shop. But that’s not all. This post will further discuss the proper ways to dispose of tires.

Safe Ways to Dispose of Tires

There are several safe, legal, and inexpensive ways to dispose of old tires. The quantity of the tires may determine which one is best for you. Without further ado, let us explore each of them.


One of the best ways to dispose of tires is to reuse them. It will save you the cost of recycling them and help you make useable items for your home.

The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association states that in 2017, the end-user markets consumed about 80% of tires generated in the United States. This report shows the usefulness of old tires for end-user consumption. Many people are becoming aware of how to reuse wasteful materials, and you can also benefit from it.

Reusing old tires is advisable if you have them in bulk, and some of the ways you can reuse them include making them into decorative items or making home furniture items.

Sell To Retail Tire Shop

Apart from reusing your old tires domestically, you can make some cash from them by reselling them to retail tire shops. It is one of the best options whether you have just a few tires or you have too much to reuse yourself.

The retail shops buy old tires for around $5 up to $75, depending on their quality and demand. When they buy the old tires from you, they sell them to recycling companies. 

You can also sell your old tires on free advertising websites. Websites like Sell my tires let you post photos and details of the tires online where prospective buyers can see them and contact you.

Take Them To Recreational Centres

Many recreational centers like parks, sports clubs, and zoos will be willing to take your old car tires and use them. It is an effective way to dispose of tires without wasting them.

Like humans, games and physical activities help keep zoo animals physically and mentally healthy. Your old tire may be usable for them since animals like big cats and monkeys are fond of playing with tires. 

In addition, Sportsmen use old tires during exercises at sports clubs. At the same time, they are essential for children’s games at many playing grounds. 

Therefore, rather than dumping your old tires, give them to the nearest recreational center as a donation, although a few of them may be willing to pay.

Professional Waste Management Companies

If none of the options above seems right, you may consider calling a professional waste management company.

Waste management companies can collect your old tires with your household garbage. Although, you may need to inquire if the company takes such waste before calling. Most waste companies take old car tires to recycling companies, where the tires are made into new products. Waste management companies may charge you to pick up your old car tires.

Participate In Hard-To-Recycle Community Collection Events

Another way to properly dispose of tires is to participate in a hard-to-recycle community collection event. These events are usually organized by the local governments and environmental organizations to collect bulky and hazardous waste in a city.

The collection events usually follow a schedule, and participants may need to pre-register before the event commences. The registration for the event is without charge in most cities, but certain materials attract charges.

You will also have an added advantage of disposing of microwaves, CPU (towers), laptops, mice, & keyboards, and cellphones at no cost when you participate in a hard-to-recycle community collection event. It is also a way to dispose of Polystyrene glass bottles, jugs, etc.

Recycling Companies

If you do not reuse your old tires domestically or donate them to a recreational center, there is a chance that they will end up in a recycling company.

Some recycling companies will be willing to pay you some money for collecting your old tire since they will recycle it into new products. Many retail shops and waste management companies also patronize recycling companies, and it may be best to reach them yourself.

Visit earth911 to find a recycling center close to you.

What Can You Do With Old Tires At Home?

There are many DIY (Do It Yourself) projects from old tires. With minimum skill and some level of creativity, you can create usable household items and materials. Here are some things you can do with your old tires at home.


Earthship means building tire walls and is one of the best ways to reuse your old tires at home. You can make tire walls by laying the old tires like bricks or concrete blocks.

Here are the steps to make tire walls.

  • Get large and small tires. You will need the large sizes for the first level at the bottom of the wall, then set the smaller sizes on them.
  • Fill each tire with compacted earth. Do this by blocking the hole with cardboard and pounding earth into the tire cavity.
  • Start with the foundation. Ensure the ground is level and solid. The foundation’s width should also be more than the wall’s.
  • Lay the first row of the wall with the tires just like you will while building with blocks.
  • Fill the holes in the tires with concrete. 
  • Lay the second row of the wall. Center the first tire on the second row over the junction between the first and second tire on the bottom row. 
  • Fill in the gaps behind and between the tires with more earth.
  • Keep building till it reaches your desired height.


repurposed tires
Stunning Tire Furniture by @retyredglam

You can make different household furniture with your old car tires. For example, stuffing pillows in the tire’s hole make an ottoman, while stacking two tires together and filling the tire holes with weaves of rubber makes a chair.


One of the ways you can reuse old tires at home is to make tire swings. You can build an outdoor fun spot for your kids without spending too much. You can do it the old-fashioned way in the few steps below:

  • Find a tree that has broad and large branches. 
  • Pick the right size of tire and clean it. It should not be too small or too big.
  • Drill holes in the bottom of the tire so it can drain water.
  • Tie the rope firmly to the tree and suspend the tire.

See this video to learn how to make a more classy swing with old tires.

Plant Vegetables

upcycle tire
Decorative tire planter by @kells_decorative_car_tires

One of the ways to reuse tires is to plant vegetables in them. It is a perfect improvisation if you need a garden but have limited or no space for one. It is more like planting in a container, and some plants you can grow include potatoes, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, etc. 

You can stack two to three tires over one another to give the roots enough space to grow. Planting in tires has many advantages, such as keeping the soil warm and contained. It also keeps your garden from many weeds.


Tires are reusable after they are old. You can dispose of them properly by reusing or recycling them rather than piling them up and causing environmental issues. You can even make money by dropping them off at a retail tire shop. 

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