Where to Sell Stuff Online For Free

Decluttering might not be your favorite task, but it has its advantages. Aside from getting rid of outdated items, you might be able to gain some money from them.

Fewer people bother with the hassle of holding a yard or garage sale, preferring instead to sell online. Online options save time, are not affected by weather, and generally result in higher prices for you, the seller.

Depending on what you have to sell, there are several places to market your goods online. Regardless of what you’re selling, there’s a buyer out there, and we’re here to help you find them.

Where Can I Sell My Items for Free?

1. Amazon

The best platform to sell your used books is Amazon, where you may find readers who will treat them well and reread your collection. You may sell and mail the books yourself or use Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program to handle it for you. Aside from books, Amazon can assist you in selling your old DVDs, electronics, and any other old but essential items you may place in a box.

Sellers should also budget for selling and shipping expenses, which are determined by the price and kind of product sold, as well as the delivery provider selected by the buyer.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Existing users may take this one for granted, but for those unfamiliar, the Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell to nearby customers.

There are already a lot of people there, so if they happen to come into the Marketplace, it’s a terrific way to get a lot of eyeballs on your item. The most important reason many people use Facebook Marketplace to sell free items is its popularity. Everyone is present. There are no costs; customers may even pay you over Facebook Messenger if you choose.

All you need to do to sell on Facebook Marketplace is create a Facebook profile and a listing. You can instantly reach a sizable audience because the Marketplace is accessible to all Facebook users.

3. Decluttr

Consider this option if you wish to sell mobile phones, electronics, CDs, DVDs, games, or books. Install this app and enter information about the computer or phone you wish to sell, or scan the barcodes of old DVDs, CDs, and games.

The important thing to remember here is that Decluttr will pay you directly. They will inform you how much they will pay for your stuff, provide you with a mailing label, and pay you within one day of receiving your old technology. Oh, and they also destroy any personal data you may have left on your gadgets.

Decluttr may pay less than eBay, but it’s ideal if you’re short on time and merely want to clear out your messy, dirty workplace.

4. Swappa

Do you have an old iPhone 8 you want to get rid of? Or a Nintendo Switch that you no longer use? Swappa is a reputable buyer and sells a platform for phones, computers, cameras, and other electronics.

Swappa is trustworthy since it thoroughly vets the things sold in its marketplace. It does not accept garbage items, meaning everything you sell should be in working order, and PayPal insures each payment.

While no costs are associated with creating a listing, you may pay $5 to have your merchandise featured (like an advertisement). Swappa exclusively charges flat fees that are already included in the cost of your listing.

When you sell something, the customer pays the charge with their purchase. Swappa charges some of the lowest costs in the industry. Swappa, for example, will only charge the customer $15 if you sell a $350 phone.

5. NextDoor

NextDoor is quickly becoming a popular free way for people to market their items to the local community. It’s especially useful if you want to avoid the inconvenience of meeting or shipping to someone who lives far away. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to meet new neighbors! 

Simply upload a photo to the appropriate category, interact with interested buyers via private messaging, and agree on a payment method and location for pick-up. Many sellers prefer that their neighbors pick up something from their houses, but it is entirely up to you.

Because it requires you to sign up and create an account, this site feels safer than Craigslist. As a result, it seems to be more secure and has fewer scammers.

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6. 5Miles

5miles is a fun and simple app for buying and selling things and services. You can take a photo, submit a brief description, and sell your stuff to thousands of potential customers within seconds. 5miles leverages the GPS location of your phone to connect you with different buyers in your neighborhood. 

Making an offer is as simple as sending a text message. Because postage and shipping charges can affect your earnings, it’s difficult to exaggerate the worth of selling locally. Furthermore, 5Miles assists you in locating a secure meeting spot to exchange goods. 

7. Offer Up

Offer Up is one of the biggest mobile markets for local vendors and consumers. You may use this site to purchase and sell items with others in your region. You can list both new and used items.

This free service allows you to purchase and sell whatever item you choose, with the understanding that all items are negotiable. After communicating with an interested buyer via the app, you can arrange a time for the buyer to view the item, then pays the agreed-upon price or negotiates a lower one. 

Your personal contact information is secure, and everyone is rated, similar to Uber and Lyft, so you may feel more comfortable meeting a stranger (in a public place, of course).

8. LetGo

If you’ve never heard of Letgo, it’s because it’s a relative newcomer to the local selling market.

Letgo, which is more user-friendly than Craigslist, is almost entirely dedicated to the secondhand market, which makes it the ideal place to sell used stuff.

Letgo is also absolutely free for both buyers and sellers to use. So all you have to do is create an account and start listing.

Post a picture or clip of the item you wish to sell (clothes, a car, or even your home). The app will then propose a title, price, and category using LetGo Reveal, its picture recognition/AI technology. There is one catch: you cannot be paid using the app. The payment must be done through cash or check.

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9. Mercari 

Mercari is an eCommerce firm that offers an online marketplace where buyers and sellers of used products may interact. The site functions similarly to eBay, except it focuses on consumer-to-consumer transactions rather than auctions. This signifies you are selling to another user rather than a dealer or company.

Simply snap some images of your stuff and write a brief description to put it on the marketplace. You may then choose a price for your item and any delivery expenses.

There are no upfront costs, and you may list nearly anything. Unlike the previous platforms, you may also offer home goods, electronics, toys, cosmetic products, etc. Although they charge a 10% fee, there is no upfront cost associated with listing an item, and the price is only deducted once the item sells.

10. Craigslist

Almost everyone uses Craigslist at some point to search for information, a job, a date, or a location to sell their belongings. 

Craigslist is still one of the top options for selling items locally. It is quite popular and might serve as an online marketplace for you. It is the most visited classified site and produces a stunning $660 million in annual earnings.

While certain ads are free, the site has lately begun collecting modest fees in order to prevent scams and bogus advertising for vehicles, and other expensive stuff, depending on the item and your area.

Craigslist is very useful for selling appliances, autos, and huge furnishings. Other easily sold things are old children’s toys and housewares.

On the flip side, Craigslist is a more risky online marketplace. Because of the platform’s “hands-off” attitude to buying and selling, frauds are common, and if they occur, you will receive no assistance from the firm.

Regardless, Craigslist is a popular selling platform for local buyers and sellers and those who want to meet in person to finalize a transaction.

Quick Online Selling Tips

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re listing the item yourself, make sure you have bright, clear images. You don’t need expensive equipment; a mobile phone camera will suffice.

Include a thorough description of the item as well as measurements when applicable.

Be truthful about the condition of your stuff. If they are in poor shape, think about alternative recycling methods.

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