How to Dispose of Printers

You cannot keep your printers indefinitely; they will either break or become less functional at some point, and you will need to dispose of them. 

Sometimes, you need to dispose of them even before they are old for a better replacement or other essential reasons, and the next question that comes to mind is how do you do it?

This post will answer the question in detail and expose you to the possible dangers of improperly disposing of printers and other electronics.

Methods to Safely Dispose of Printers

Printer garbage

Improper disposal of Printers and other household electronics can attract legal sanctions and penalizations. In many states, it is illegal and against the law because of the adverse effects, it can have on the citizens. It is a practice no one should encourage, even if their state’s law does not forbid it.

But, it is impossible to ensure proper disposal of printers and other electronics if you do not know the safe and reliable ways to do it. Well, there are several options for safely disposing of printers, and you will find some of them below:

Repair It

It is advisable not to be too quick to get rid of a malfunctioning or less functional printer as it may still be repairable. Every part of the printer is liable to wear out as you use it over time, and it is understandable if you begin to get dissatisfied with its level of performance.

However, you can repair it or even replace its worn-out parts. That will save you from thinking about safe disposal, and you can also use your electronics for some time more. 

You can take your printer to a local electronics repair shop if it is not too big, or call a repair shop to send a technician to examine and repair it.

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Donate It

If you do not want to repair your printer, you can as generously donate it to people that will maximize it for their productivity—looking for where to donate printers? There are several options. 

Donating your printers can begin with your friends and loved ones, and you can give them to a friend or family that may need them.

If you do not have someone who needs it close, you should consider other options like giving it to schools, recreational centers, non-profit organizations, thrift shops, cafes, etc. Many places and organizations will be willing to take your old printers and put them to good use. 

However, you should ensure the printer you want to donate is functional or repairable.

Sell It

You may not always have access to places that will accept your printer donations, but you can sell them and make yourself some bucks.

Turning old electronics in for cash is one of the best ways to dispose of them without filling up landfills or releasing harmful substances into the soil and groundwater. But first, they must be functional and in good shape; else, you will get a lesser valuation for them.

If you are sure your printer is only old but functioning well, then you can sell it on various platforms online. Printers Jack is a platform where you can get a quote for your printer, ship it, and get paid by check or via PayPal.

You can also list your printer on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Bestbuy, Craigslist, etc. You can also consider posting them on your social media handles, as you may never know where to find the potential buyer.

You may also be able to sell a printer that is no longer functional in part at a local repair shop. Since it is no longer functional, it may not be easy to sell as a whole, but the technician at the shop can break it down and find usable parts they could buy from you.


Participate In Trade-In Programs

Rather than thrashing your old printers, one of the best options is to participate in a trade-in program. How does a trade-in program work?

Trade-in programs allow you to sell items you no longer need as part payment for a new item – usually a replacement. For instance, you can take your printer in for a trade-in program and add a little money to its valuation in exchange for a new printer.

Some of the platforms that offer trade-in programs are Amazon and Bestbuy. Amazon trade-in programs allow customers to receive an Amazon gift card in exchange for their eligible items, and they can use the gift card to purchase items of their choice on Amazon.

However, the owners of a trade-in program may not accept your item if it is not eligible by their standards of operation. Therefore, you can try to make inquiries about a trade-in program ahead before going all out for it.

Take Them To The Seller

Another way to safely dispose of your old printers is to take them back to the store that sold them to you. Some electronics stores not only deal with gadget sales; they also have programs that help recycle or properly dispose of used electronics.

Although this is not a general practice for electronic stores, you should call them to find out if they have such programs. If they don’t, then you should opt for other suitable options.

Recycle At A Big Box Store

If the store that sold your printer does not have a recycling or disposal program, you can try to dispose of your printer with other big box stores.

Some Big Box retailers have recycling programs and may not mind disposing of your printers for you even if you didn’t buy them from them. Instead, you may need to pay a disposal fee, and they will take care of your old printer. 

The big box stores will ensure proper disposal by breaking nonreusable printers and separating their parts into plastic, metals, and circuit boards which they can recycle safely.

Use An E-waste Collection Center

One of the best ways to safely dispose of printers is to visit or call an e-waste collection center. E-waste collectors specialize in collecting electronic wastes for recycling and proper disposal.

They are now available in many countries, and you can find one near you online. Some e-waste collectors will have you bring your printer to their center, while others have pickup services and may be willing to remove it from your house. However, you may need to pay a token for their pickup and disposal services.

Participate In Sponsored Local Events

Sponsored local events are one of the best places to dispose of electronics and other hard-to-recycle wastes. Local governments or communities can organize these events to make it easier for people to dispose of waste like old technology.

Depending on the area and the sponsor, the program can last for a day or more, sometimes a week. Look out for an upcoming event and drop off your printers at the right location for safe removal. 

Take Them To The Original Manufacturers

If none of the methods above seems okay to you, you may consider calling the original manufacturer of your printer. The only challenge here is you may not always have access to them, especially when you have an imported electronic.

But if you do, you have found the best way to dispose of your old printer without fear of going against the law or causing environmental hazards.


Disposing of printers is relatively easy and is only dangerous when done wrongly. You can use the methods in this guide to safely dispose of your old printer.

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