Moen vs Insinkerator

When shopping around for garbage disposals, you’ll likely notice two different brand names on the market. One of these brands is Moen, and the other is Insinkerator.

Moen vs Insinkerator – Which is Better?

The first thing you should know is that both of these disposals provide quality functionality at an affordable price, so it can be challenging to determine which disposal suits your needs better.

This article will go over the similarities and differences between Moen and Insinkerator to help you decide which one will work best for your home.

A Brief Introduction

These days, people are looking for higher quality products at an affordable price. No one wants to spend all of their money on one product and then worry about whether it will last them a long time. Moen and Insinkerator both offer excellent products for any home.

Moen Garbage Disposal
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While they work differently, both companies ensure that their products will last as long as possible, with proper maintenance from you! Which is better? Well, we need to look into each one separately before making that decision.

InSinkErator Badger Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal
InSinkErator Badger 1XL 1/3-HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal
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Moen vs Insinkerator – Material Quality & Design

The primary material used to make both Moen & Insinkerator garbage disposals is metal. They both have similar weights; however, Moen is slightly heavier at 23 pounds and has more features than Insinkerator.

The most notable difference between them is their color; Moen garbage disposals come in white, black, light almond & pearl colors, whereas Insinkerator comes in black only. This can be good or bad depending on your kitchen décor as you’ll want it to match your other appliances such as kitchen sink faucets etc.

Design-wise, they’re very similar, but Insinkerator might seem like an updated version of Moen with a new sleek design that looks amazing in any modern or contemporary kitchen.

Moen vs Insinkerator – Power Consumption

Both Moen & Insinkerator use 1/3 HP motors for power consumption. However, when we compare their horsepower rating, we find out that Insinkerator uses a 3⁄4 HP motor which makes it stronger than Moen.

So, if you need something powerful, go for Insinkerator because it’s rated higher than Moen (1/3 HP vs. 3⁄4 HP). On average, they consume about 13 Amps each (equal to 1120 Watts), so if you run them both together, your electricity bill will increase significantly!

So, in case you have both, it is recommended that you use one disposal per sink unless you are not worried about high electricity bills. If so, then get both!

Moen vs Insinkerator – Noise Level

They’re both pretty quiet and make almost no noise while running. But there is a slight difference between them regarding noise level; Moen has a slightly lower noise level of 67dB, whereas Insinkerator has a slightly higher noise level of 71dB.

However, it’s not a huge difference, and you won’t be able to tell much of a difference in real life.

Other Features

Feature 4 – Warranty

garbage disposal warranty

Moen and InSinkErator have similar warranty policies. You get a limited warranty on parts and labor when you purchase any of these garbage disposals.

If your disposal breaks down within ten years of purchase, you can call up their customer service representatives, who will come over to your house free of charge and fix your disposal at no cost!

On top of that, if anything goes wrong with your disposal after ten years (which is rare), you can still call up customer service representatives who will provide you with information on how to fix or replace it yourself or send someone out to do so at no cost!

With Moen, you get a 5 to 10-year limited warranty while with Insinkerator, you get 1 to 10-year limited warranty on parts and labor depending on the model.

Feature 5 – Noise Reduction Technology

Both garbage disposals use sound-dampening technology, which makes them even quieter while running (in fact, they’re both as quiet as possible).

However, there is a slight difference between them when it comes to noise reduction technology; Moen uses SoundShield® technology, whereas Insinkerator uses Anti-Vibration Mounting System (AVMS).

So, in case you want something more advanced and updated, then go for Insinkerator because it has an Anti-Vibration Mounting System (AVMS), which makes it slightly better than Moen in terms of noise reduction technology.

Feature 6 – Speed & Power Switch Type

Both have simple speed & power switch types, but when we compare their speed & power switch type, we find out that Moen has a simple speed & power switch type, whereas Insinkerator has a different speed & power switch type.

This can be good or bad depending on your preference; if you like simple things, then go for Moen but if you want something different and unique, go for Insinkerator!

Feature 7 – Installation Size

Both garbage disposals are big enough to fit any sinkhole size, but when comparing their installation size, we find out that Moen is smaller than Insinkerator. This can be good or bad depending on your preference; if you like bigger products, then go for Moen but if you want something small and compact, go for Insinkerator!

Feature 8 – Installation Type

Moen and Insinkerator garbage disposals can be installed with essential tools, and no special skills are required (however, a power drill helps). However, there is a slight difference between them regarding installation type; Moen requires professional assistance, whereas Insinkerator doesn’t require professional assistance.

So in case you don’t want to spend extra money on professional help, then go for Insinkerator because it’s easier to install without any help from anyone else!

Feature 9 – Cost

A consumer will pay anywhere from $75-$110 for an Insinkerator, while Moen garbage disposals cost around $85-$150. These are just rough estimates as there are so many different types of units available, and pricing tends to fluctuate across store locations and online shops.

Note: Prices may vary, depending on the merchant or store

Feature 10 – Speed of Operation

This feature is a significant difference between Moen and Insinkerator. Both brands offer instant hot water, but Moen’s advanced faucet has an impressive one-second recovery time.

Conversely, Insinkerator takes up to five seconds for its hot water to flow out at regular speed or three seconds with eco-boost enabled. The shorter time frame provides users with immediate hot water when they need it most.

While both brands have strengths and weaknesses, those whose homes are fitted with MOEN products are likely to enjoy better performance in terms of speed of operation.

Feature 11 – Durability

At first glance, Moen and Insinkerator might have very similar designs for durability. However, upon closer inspection, there are differences between each product.

Overall, Moen is superior because they have added features to their garbage disposals that increase durability and life span.

For a reason, Moen garbage disposals are used in several professional kitchens, such as those of five-star hotels and high-end restaurants. These disposals are more durable than those manufactured by Insinkerator. 

Feature 12 – Installation Process

While similar in setup, Moen, and Insinkerator use different installation processes. Moen uses a quick-connect system that allows easy installation, while Insinkerator uses slip nuts for compression fittings.

Both manufacturers also offer customer support services. For Moen, it’s toll-free 24/7 support; for Insinkerator, it’s a phone and email customer service from 7 AM to 5 PM Central Time on weekdays.

And they’re not just available during installation; both companies have helplines available anytime you have questions or need assistance with your disposer.

Feature 13 – Cleaning Options

Both Moen and Insinkerator provide several cleaning options, including air-drying, manual drying, and dishwasher drying. Air-drying will use an internal fan to dry out your disposer without electricity but takes up to 48 hours for an average-sized sink.

Manual drying may take 24 hours or more if water has been in your drain a long time; it’s also tricky if there are still food particles inside your disposal. Dishwasher drying is only available with Insinkerator models.

It might make noise as it clears debris out of hard-to-reach places, but it could be worth trying if you already have a dishwasher installed.

How Long Do Moen Garbage Disposals Last?

With proper maintenance, the garbage disposal will last you a lifetime. You can ensure your Moen garbage disposal stays as long as possible by cleaning it regularly and following a few other vital tips.

When possible, try to grind food waste into smaller particles before placing it in your disposal. Small particles are easier to grind up than large ones and make less of a mess in your drain pipes. In addition, avoid putting fibrous foods like celery or lettuce down your drain.

What is The Lifespan Of An Insinkerator?

An Insinkerator disposal unit is designed to last 15-20 years, but many consumers will replace them well before then because of issues with noise or clogs. The Moen garbage disposals are built for much longer life and last about 25 years.


When deciding on which garbage disposal is best for your home, you should consider a few different factors. Both of these disposal units are great; however, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of system.

The choice is up to you and what will work best for your family or business! Whatever decision you make, remember that having an extra set of hands around can make all the difference when installing a new garbage disposal unit.

You may be able to install one yourself if you have some experience with plumbing; however, if not, it is recommended that you hire a professional plumber who can help get your unit installed quickly and safely.

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