How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

Most individuals have a space in their house (a basement, “junk room,” or attic) where they keep items they no longer need. The junk will only keep increasing until it is removed. People sometimes start with a goal of getting rid of or donating a particular number of unnecessary items each week or leasing a truck to transport a piece of damaged furniture to a disposal station.

However, there are instances when the pile has gotten too large, and the work appears daunting. Hiring a professional junk remover is a smart option in those cases. Their service is not as expensive as you would imagine.

What is the Average Cost of Junk Removal Services?

Junk Removal

Various factors influence junk removal service costs, and several local and national firms have wildly disparate rates. As a result, determining accurate pricing for full-service junk removal is difficult.

Furthermore, most junk removal services do not offer online estimates. Instead, they will only provide pricing when one of their personnel completes an onsite examination of your junk removal service. This ensures that you will not receive inaccurate price quotes, but it makes it more difficult to browse around and compare prices when you are in a hurry.

On average, expect to pay around $225 for junk removal for residential trash. For single items or tiny stacks, the lowest average cost is roughly $100. The highest average cost for a full-size truckload of rubbish is roughly $600.

Having said that, we understand what factors impact rates, and we’ve gathered data to give you a ballpark estimate of how much your waste removal task would cost based on the factors explained below.

Location of the Junk Removal Project

The project site is a crucial aspect that influences junk removal project expenses.

Do you live in a location with a high cost of living?

Do you live in the country, far from the nearest rubbish removal business or local disposal facility?

If one of these scenarios applies, your junk removal service will become more expensive owing to higher disposal fees and transportation costs.

Because of the difference in living costs, junk removal companies in New York City will charge more on average than garbage removal services in Wichita, Kansas.

An upper-floor apartment cleanout will likewise be more expensive than a first-floor cleanout. The most cost-effective alternative is to have a pile of items by the curb or in your driveway for convenient pick-up because it speeds things up and makes things easier for the crew.

Type of Debris

General junk removal projects are often priced differently from removing large or heavy items or debris. Construction and demolition debris, for example, is highly heavy and necessitates more work to load and cart away properly.

The same holds true for large, hefty furniture items like pianos and treadmills. Difficult-to-transport materials need more effort and, as a result, are often costlier to discard than lightweight garbage.

1. Cost of Tire Disposal

Tire removal services typically charge between $60 and $90 per tire. This amount may rise depending on the number of tires to be removed and their state. Tires also require special disposal concerns.

Some locations may require them to be recycled, which can increase the cost. If you can drop them off, consult a junk removal company or a local junkyard to see the normal fees for tire removal.

2. Cost of Electronic Waste Disposal

The typical cost of electronic disposal is between $60 and $200. Electronic trash disposal frequently involves expenses and issues. Electronics cannot be thrown away or put in the trash. They must be appropriately recycled or disposed of, which may involve additional expenditures.

Most junk removal firms accept e-waste on its own or in conjunction with other types of waste. Expect greater prices if you include e-waste with your other waste removal because these rates are more flexible.

Alternatively, you may inquire with your city or municipality to see whether they provide free electronic and hazardous waste recycling drop-off services. Many of these drop-offs are done to assist locals in disposing of hazardous materials.

3. Cost of Removing Household Items

Depending on how much you remove, household and furniture removal can cost $75 to $600. Mattresses and rolled carpets can be accepted as long as they are free of mildew, body fluids, and other dangerous materials, as can bigger objects such as bookcases, sofas, and pianos.

Because most garbage pickups do not accept large objects, furniture removal is among the most prevalent sorts of junk removal. When you have numerous pieces of furniture picked up, the charge per piece is generally lower than when you have a single item picked up at once.

4. Cost of Tree Removal

The typical cost of tree debris removal is $75 to $200. The majority of junk removal companies can handle this project. If the material is loose, they usually demand it be bagged. This can contain tiny branches, leaves, and wood chips from a ground stump.

Depending on the firm and its services, larger branches may not need to be bagged for removal. In many cases, tree debris is mixed in with yard garbage when the company collects it.

However, you should engage a company that specializes in tree removal for massive logs or fallen trees rather than junk removal.

5. Cost of Construction Debris Removal

The cost of removing building waste is between $200 and $600. The majority of junk removal services can remove building waste from your house. This includes building materials such as tile, siding, carpet, timber, and cabinets. It may also contain demolition debris.

Hazardous compounds, such as asbestos, are not permitted in the material. Construction debris cleanup is frequently more expensive since disposal costs for these items might be high. Even adding construction debris to a bigger load of junk removal can raise the overall collection rate.

Amount of Debris

The amount of garbage, like the type of debris, influences the price of junk removal. The more room your objects take up in the truck or trailer, the higher the cost of your junk removal task. The price of junk removal rises as the number of your junk increases.

A full truckload of rubbish will cost more than a load that takes up half the truck space.  The more items you have to remove, the longer it will take the rubbish removal professionals to finish the job. The average cost of a full truckload is $550, while a half truckload ranges from $175 to $375.

The Company You Hire

Junk removal firms charge somewhat varied pricing for the same job, which is why collecting at least three quotations is necessary.  Getting different junk removal estimates not only ensures you pay a fair amount but it also ensures you choose the right company.

Whether your garbage removal operation is large or small, understanding what to look for in a junk removal business will help you save money and worry less if you’ve never hired one.

A reputable junk removal firm is insured, has a solid reputation, charges reasonable costs, and is accessible to perform the service when needed. Here is a rough estimate from the popular junk removal firms.

1. Cost of College Hunks Junk Removal

College Hunks Junk Removal costs between $110 and $590. College Hunks is a franchise that is available in most places.  In addition to junk removal, this organization provides various other services. They also handle transportation and labor in conjunction with rubbish removal, such as hauling big objects. The prices for these services vary.

2. Bagster Price

A Bagster pickup costs between $120 and $200. Bagster is a unique junk removal service that functions more like a dumpster than just a junk removal firm. You buy a huge bag, usually at a home improvement store, fill it, then phone for a pickup. You are responsible for loading the trash into the bag and positioning the bag so that it may be removed.

3. Prices at Junk King

The typical price of having Junk King remove your junk is between $125 and $650. Junk King is a popular nationwide junk disposal brand. They provide a variety of services and truck sizes. Their vehicles range in size from little to enormous, and you are charged depending on the load amount. 

How to Cut Costs on Junk Removal

Hiring a company to remove junk from your house is usually a money saver in and of itself, but there is always the possibility of saving even more money.

1. Look for free e-waste and hazardous disposal events in your area.

2. Check with groups that equip living spaces for persons in need before engaging a company to remove furniture or functional appliances. They may be able to pick up donated things, saving money on the total cost of junk removal.

3. Look for free rubbish removal services in your region (Google “free garbage removal near me”). Some businesses will collect and dispose of garbage for free because they can harvest or resale goods to generate money.

4. Combine your junk-collection tasks and inquire with the contractor about a discount for larger contracts. If all of the removals are done at once, you may be able to save money on permits or passes.

5. Condense your items. Because greater volume means more expense, flattening crates and dismantling bulky furniture or equipment can help you save money.

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