Junk King vs Got Junk

Homeowners frequently reach the point where they require the services of a junk removal business. Whether you’re remodeling a part of your home or replacing several objects that have outlived their usefulness, junk removal companies are available to remove undesirable goods off your hands that you can’t just throw in your garbage bin.

While many local businesses provide these services, a few big firms have emerged as leading companies in the junk removal sector. So, if you’re trying to decide between using Junk King or Got Junk, read our guide to help you decide which is worth your time and money.

Junk King Overview

Junk King is one of the industry’s best junk removal companies, providing full-service junk removal and self-service dumpster rental.

Junk King prioritizes being as environmentally friendly as possible while providing professional service. The business supports recycling as much of the remaining material as possible and donating any still-usable items. Junk King, for instance, would disassemble a broken cellphone, remove all its recyclable components, and send them to the proper recycling facilities.

Junk King boasts that it accepts “just about everything,” in contrast to other businesses with extensive lists of items they won’t accept. This includes heavy objects that require more than two people to move, concrete, yard waste, and e-waste like computers.

Additionally, you can arrange for Junk King to deliver a dumpster that you can fill over time or have them come to your house to remove the items. Online reviewers give Junk King high marks for its dedication to providing professional service and the fact that it will haul away almost anything. 

Got Junk Overview

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is a junk removal company that operates in Australia, Canada, and the United States. The business, which was established in 1989 in Vancouver and is owned by Rubbish Boys Disposal Service Inc. (RBSD), guarantees rapid and simple relief from your undesirable items.

Simply schedule an appointment, and they’ll send a truck to your house to take care of your junk removal. After that, they’ll handle sorting it and decide whether to donate, recycle, or throw away each item based on its appropriateness. The business partners with charity groups to donate your products, such as Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, and regional charities.

The main selling point of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is that it is less expensive than hiring a dumpster and that they will handle all the sorting and heavy lifting for you. Remember that 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is a franchise, meaning each store is run by a different owner rather than a single central owner.

Offerings and Services

Typically, junk removal services offer you two options for getting rid of your belongings: truck hauling and dumpster rental. If you select truck hauling, the junk removal company will take your belongings away in a truck that has a dumpster attached to the back of it. This is the best option if your items are already stacked up and ready for pickup.

With dumpster rental services, a junk removal company will deliver a dumpster to your location in your preferred size. You load it up at your own pace, and the business will remove it. This method functions best when you declutter your space gradually rather than all at once.

For both residential and business clients, Junk King primarily offers full-service junk removal and self-service small dumpster rentals. It may also clear out workplaces, leased properties, and foreclosed houses, as well as do small demolition, such as removing an undesirable shed. Junk King is particularly well suited for decluttering offices and getting rid of devices like laptops due to the company’s capacity to manage e-waste. Customers who hire self-service dumpsters can fill a tiny dumpster for a week before a pickup.

As a full-service business, 1-800-GOT-Junk? offers residential and commercial removal services, pre-and post-move junk removal, storage unit cleanouts, renovation cleaning, and emergency cleanup. The latter involves removing the debris left behind after accidents and natural disasters, including storms, fire damage, and flooded houses.

The Price of Junk King vs. Got-Junk

When it comes to price, the two companies couldn’t be more different. Junk King charges a low price for its junk removal services, while Got Junk charges significantly more for its recycling and disposal services.

Junk King is known for being a low-cost option for junk removal. Their prices start at $39 for a small load and go up to $269 for a large load.

Got Junk is known for charging a high price for its recycling and disposal services. Their prices start at $129 for a small load and go up to $1,899 for a large load.

However, there are some things that both companies have in common. Both offer junk removal services 365 days a year, licensed and insured, and they guarantee their customer’s satisfaction.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re looking for in a junk removal company. If you’re looking for low prices, go with Junk King. If you’re looking for high-quality service, go with Got Junk.

Pros and Cons of Junk King 


  • They offer competitive prices on waste removal services.
  • Residential and business services
  • Minor demolition
  • DIY dumpster rentals with an eco-friendly commitment
  • Calculator for upfront junk removal costs
  • outstanding client service
  • Handles e-waste


  • Not accessible in each of the 50 states
  • Reports of some scheduling issues

Pros and Cons of Got Junk


  • Junk removal with full services, including remodeling and emergency cleanup
  • Items are donated and recycled whenever possible.
  • Available in the majority of U.S. states and three nations
  • Available same-day services
  • Accessible contactless service
  • 24/7 client assistance


  • Each franchise operates under a set of unique operating procedures and hours.
  • Pricing might be unexpected.
  • It may be costly.

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Is full-service rubbish removal more affordable than renting a dumpster?

In general, yes. If this is the only service you require (no demolition or moving assistance), it’s generally best to hire a dumpster for a certain period and then have the provider remove it after you’ve filled it.

Is it possible to request a pricing quotation in advance?

Yes, you can, but only before you book. A junk removal service, with a few notable exceptions, cannot offer a quote until the team members have seen the goods. But following an inspection, the business will know the amount of junk, whether it is toxic, how many workers are required, and how much room your belongings will occupy in the truck, and you may receive a precise quotation.

How are the appointments scheduled?

Appointments can be made online or over the phone and are booked in two-hour time slots. You should schedule your appointment a few days in advance, especially if you have a tight moving deadline.

You will receive a call when the truck is 15 and 30 minutes away before your appointment. When they arrive, they will provide you with a more thorough estimate, including the amount of space your stuff will occupy in the truck and the manpower required to load the vehicle and transport your items.

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