How to Dispose of Propane Bottles

Many people use Propane for heating water, cooking, refrigeration, barbecuing, lighting, etc., because it is portable and clean-burning. However, the most challenging part of using this liquefied petroleum gas is the disposal of the bottles or tanks.

Propane bottles contain flammable gas that can be harmful when you do not handle them properly, and many consumers are out of ideas on how to get rid of them properly.

This post will explore the different ways to dispose of Propane bottles safely and some tips to consider while disposing of them.

How You Can Safely Dispose Of Propane Bottles Near You

safely dispose of propane bottles

You can safely dispose of or recycle Propane bottles near you in the following ways:

Refill It

After using up the content, getting rid of your Propane bottle may not be the best option except it’s expired, you have a replacement or plan to get one. If not, you should consider refilling it instead.

Generally, Propane bottles with 100 pounds capacity or less can last 12 years from the date of manufacturing before expiring. In some cases, you can also use them for additional five years, but you should first take them for inspection when the 12 years elapse.

Therefore, you can keep refilling your Propane bottles whenever you exhaust the petroleum gas for 12 years or more.

Give Them Out

A Propane bottle you no longer need may be an essential need of other people around you. Therefore, one of the best options for safely disposing of Propane bottles is to give them out to people in need. The problem now is how to find them.

You can start by asking your friends, neighbors, colleagues at work, and sometimes members or organizations you belong to, like church, club, etc. You may be lucky to meet someone who needs it or someone who knows other people in need of it. 

You also have an alternative option of donating your Propane bottle to a charity home if you cannot find someone close to you. However, it is essential that the Propane bottle you are giving out is reusable and in good condition. You may take it to a local Propane supplier for a repaint if necessary.

Sell It

You can resell modern Propane bottles in good condition rather than dumping them illegally. That way, you can dispose of them safely and make some money.

You can list your Propane bottles on Facebook Marketplace and other online platforms where potential buyers can find them.

However, the sales or price of the Propane bottle will depend on its quality and working condition. Also, you cannot predict how it will take to get an interested buyer.

Propane Tanks Retailer

give old propane bottles to propane company

One of the best ways to safely dispose of Propane bottles is to take them to a Propane tank retailer in your community.

It is best to choose the store where you bought the Propane bottle in the first place. Call the store to know if they have an exchange policy where you leave your old Propane bottle in exchange for a new replacement.

Exchanging your Propane bottles is an excellent option if the old one is still in good condition. The retail store will evaluate it according to their policy, and you may need to add some money if its value has depreciated.

You can also visit a designated Propane tank retailer if you cannot reach the original store where you bought it.

Propane Company/Supplier

A licensed Propane company or supplier is a perfect solution for safely disposing of Propane bottles or tanks – large or small. 

These companies have the required equipment to remove, dispose of, and replace your Propane bottles, even in large quantities. They also have experienced and knowledgeable professionals handling such hazardous waste.

In addition, they have the skills and technicalities to inspect and assess the condition of your Propane bottles. This disposal method is more suitable for disposing of multiple Propane bottles or large Propane tanks, and you should prepare to pay for the company’s professional services.

Hazardous Waste Sites

No doubt that Propane bottles contain hazardous wastes. Therefore, you can consider disposing of them at a hazardous waste site.

Each community usually has a designated site where citizens can dispose of hazardous waste. You can find out the location from your local government’s sanitation department or visit RCRAInfo Web.

You can also search ‘hazardous waste sites near me on the internet.

Specialized Recycling Center

Propane bottles are recyclable, so you can safely dispose of them at specialized recycling centers near you.

Propane bottles that are expired, damaged, or rusted pose a greater threat to human lives; hence you should not leave them around your home. You should call a recycling center to get rid of them instead.

You can find a recycling center close to you at Earth911 or ask your local supplier for directions.

Tips For Disposing of Propane Bottles

Propane Bottle

The following tips are essential to keep you safe when handling or disposing of Propane bottles. 

  • Avoid thrashing Propane bottles in the garbage lot. 
  • If you store them in the sun or a heated room, propane bottles may explode.
  • Do not attempt to empty a Propane bottle by forcing it open.
  • Avoid using a Propane bottle behind its expiration date.
  • Seek professional help if you have difficulty in disposing of Propane bottles.
  • Do not take Propane bottles to a regular recycling center.

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