How To Dispose of Condoms

Using a Condom is cheap and easy to prevent pregnancy or infections – STDs. Its affordability and one-time protection capacity contributes to how it is widely used and hence, increase the importance of its safe disposal. 

However, one question that bothers several people is how to dispose of Condoms after use properly. Thankfully, this post does justice to that in detail.

You will discover the best way to dispose of Condoms and also learn essential things you should know when disposing of Condoms as you read on.

Why You Should Properly Dispose Of Condoms

Female Condoms
Female Condoms

To start with, a used Condom is not a pleasant sight; it can be disgusting and look gross, and no one would want to touch it except someone that used it.

Also, improper disposal of used Condoms is dangerous and can cause health challenges for people who may come in contact with it. 

For example, children can innocently take used Condoms for balloons, they may even fill them with air to play with them, and for the worst part, they can put them in their mouth or swallow it and risk contracting STIs.

In addition, untrusted ladies may inseminate themselves with fluids from a used Condom and get pregnant.

Therefore, you should dispose of used Condoms adequately to protect the environment from pollution and avoid transmission of infections to other people or unwanted pregnancies.

What You Should Do Before Disposing Of A Used Condom

You should take the following steps to ensure proper disposal of used Condoms and reduce the threats of improper disposal.

Take Out The Condom Safely

When you use a Condom, you do it because you want to prevent pregnancy or stay safe from infections. But, you may not achieve your goal if you do not remove used Condoms correctly.

It is essential to be careful to pay attention while removing a used Condom so that the fluid does not spill and cause a mess or increase the chances of an unwanted pregnancy or infection.

To remove a male Condom, point the tip downward and pull the tip carefully with one hand while easing the ring off with another hand.

It is incorrect to pull off a male Condom by the ring only because it may come off inside-out, and the fluid will spill.

Remove a female Condom by squeezing and twisting the outer ring to keep the fluid from spilling. Then, pull out the Condom gently and with minimal force. You may tear the Condom if you don’t pull it out gently.

Tie It Off Close To The Opening

Tie off the Condom close to the open end (both male and female) like a balloon. You can do this by making a loop close to the Condom’s open end, then pulling the ring on the opening through the loop.

Tying off the Condom to avoid spillage and reduce the smell that may come from it is essential.

Wrap It Up

Furthermore, it is essential to wrap up the used Condom before thrashing it. Consider putting it in a tissue or paper towel. You can also use a piece of newspaper, nylon, or any other replacement you think is suitable.

That way, you can keep your hands off the stains and give the Condom a perfect hiding place – away from prying eyes. Also, it will ensure that the Condom does not attract too many bugs to your garbage bin.

How To Dispose Of Condoms

If you have taken all the steps above, you can proceed to dispose of used Condoms with the options below:

Use The Waste Bin

Waste Bin
Waste Bin

You can drop used Condoms with your regular household garbage without causing environmental problems. It is safe and easy, but you should not leave it to sit in the garbage bin for too long.

Therefore, this method is only best if your trash collectors pick the garbage up within a day or two. Leaving used Condoms in the garbage bin for too long can cause a foul odor and may cause some unpleasant scenes.

Also, the tissue paper you used in wrapping may wear out within two days due to the heat in the garbage bin, and the fluid in the Condom will attract bugs to your bin.

You may want to ask, what if you don’t have plans to dispose of the waste yet? Well, you may need to replan immediately to ensure safety.

Dispose of Condoms With Diaper Genie

Diaper Genie
Diaper Genie

A diaper genie is a baby diaper disposal system that seals baby diapers so they don’t contribute unnecessary odor to the house. It is also perfect for disposing of used Condoms.

This option is perfect if you have babies, but it’s not a bad idea if you want to get one for Condoms disposal, primarily if you use it more often.

Keep It Now – Dispose Of It Later

You may need to dispose of a used condom while you are away from your house or garbage bin, and you may be short of options since you cannot toss it anywhere. The best option will be to keep it properly so you can dispose of it later.

So how do you keep a used condom?

You can keep it in a poly bag, a beer or coke can, or any other material that can hold and keep it from falling off. Keeping it that way will enable you to throw it in a trash can when you come across one or return to your house. In addition, you can wrap it up and keep it in the ashtray if you are in your car.

Wrong Ways To Dispose Of Condoms

Some common practices are wrong for disposing of used condoms. They may seem safe ordinarily, but they harm the environment and people’s lives. Let’s check out some of them.

Throwing It Outside

One of the most harmful options for disposing of used condoms is to throw them outside. It is never safe as it won’t decompose fast, and anybody can come in contact with it, especially children. It can also put your pets at risk if they pick it up or play with it.

Flushing It Down The Toilet

Flushing down used condoms may be tempting, but you should not consider it. While it may help you get rid of the waste fast, it can cause more havoc by clogging up your pipes and septic system. It is so wrong to flush down condoms that manufacturers include an instruction that warns against it on the packaging boxes.

Throwing It In Water Bodies

Another wrong way to dispose of used condoms is to throw them in water bodies like beaches, lakes, etc. The condoms will pollute the water body and may wash up on the shore where children can come in contact with it. That in itself is a danger alert!

Throwing It In Recycling Bins

Recycling bins are for recyclable wastes, and throwing condoms in them is wrong since condoms are not recyclable. It will not only be an eyesore for recyclers but also be pollution in recycling centers. Although technological developments are working to make condom recycling possible, it is not yet feasible.


Condoms may be helpful for human safety, but improperly disposing of them is hazardous. It is best to follow the instructions in this post to protect the environment and the lives of its people. Finally, do not compost non-biodegradable condoms as they will not decompose fast and are unsuitable for your compost.

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