How to Dispose of Canola Oil

Improper disposal of household waste is never acceptable, and since cooking oil is a common food item, everyone must learn how to dispose of it properly.

There are several wrong approaches to disposing of canola oil – expired or not, but this post will discuss in detail the different ways to safely dispose of canola oil. Let’s get started.

Ways To Safely Dispose Of Canola Oil

Canola Oil Disposal

Disposing of canola oil is sometimes inevitable. Of course, you should not toss it into the garbage or flush it down the drain. So what should you do? You can safely dispose of Canola oil with any of the options below.

Store And Reuse

Storing up your canola oil for reuse may not sound too much like a disposal method, but it is an excellent idea if it is new, the first-time use, and if you deep-fry food items frequently.

Canola oil is reusable up to two times after the first use; hence, it is advisable to dispose of it only after then. However, you can store Canola oil incorrectly if you do not learn how to do it right.

Store And Reuse Canola Oil

The process of storing Canola oil for reuse is as follows:

  • Let it cool off after use. 
  • Filter it over a tea strainer or several folds of cheesecloth to remove particles and crumbs from the first use. You can filter it more than once until you are convinced it is clean.
  • Pour it into a clean and airtight container.
  • Please keep it in the dark place till you need it again. Your fridge is a perfect option.

Take the Canola oil out of the dark place and heat it when reusing it, but you should avoid reusing it more than twice.

Use A Biodegradable Container

use biodegradable container to dispose of canola oil

It is essential to dispose of Canola oil when you have used it up to three times in total because it is no longer safe or healthy.

One of the best options in such a case is to dispose of it with a biodegradable container, and here are the steps to take:

  • Set the oil after use until it is cooled. You can leave it for up to 30 minutes.
  • Send it into an airtight biodegradable container after it has cooled off. You can use a glass, Ziploc, plastic, or any other available container you do not need.
  • Keep the oil in the fridge till it freezes to keep it from spilling or leaking.
  • You should not use a biodegradable container if you cannot freeze the oil because it is unsafe to dispose of liquid oil.
  • Place the frozen Canola oil in your garbage bin and call for pickup.

This method can be a chance to dispose of Styrofoam or other containers, and it is advisable not to leave Canola oil in the garbage bin for too long. It would help if you left it in the freezer instead.

Use Absorbent Household Waste

It may not be best to dispose of a small quantity of Canola oil in large containers, except if you want to store up the oil till the container is full.

However, you can opt for a better and faster alternative suitable for small quantities of oil by using absorbent household waste.

This method is convenient since you also want to dispose of the absorbent materials themselves. Leave the oil to cool off after use as usual. Then you can soak it in various absorbent household materials like newspapers, old towels, food scraps, cushions, socks, etc.

This option is suitable for disposing of cat litter and also for disposing of old mattresses.

Dispose of in a Foil

use foil to dispose of canola oil
Embossed Metallic Foil Wrap

You may also dispose of Canola oil in a foil as an alternative to using biodegradable containers or absorbent substances.

Biodegradable containers are perfect for disposing of Canola oil in large quantities. At the same time, absorbent substances will work with disposing of small quantities of oil, and using foil is somewhere between both cases. That is, it is best for disposing of a moderate volume of Canola oil. 

Follow the steps below if this method will suit you better:

  • Estimate the amount of foil that will be enough for the Canola oil.
  • Line a bowl or container – not necessarily disposable – with the foil. You should ensure the bowl and foil are enough to contain the oil.
  • Pour the oil into the bowl. 
  • Set a bowl or container of oil aside to cool off.
  • Tie the foil up and freeze it.

You may need foil if you do not have it at home.

Repurpose It

What if you can repurpose your Canola oil instead of throwing it away? Thankfully, you can!

There are several ways in which you can repurpose Canola oil, and you will find some of them below:

Add To Compost

You can add used Canola oil to your compost since it is vegetable oil. It is organic and is good food for earthworms and other tiny organisms, but you need to be careful so you won’t cause more harm than good to your plants. So, what should you do?

Add Canola oil to your compost, but in small quantities, because it can reduce plant minerals, water, and airflow when it is too much.

Also, add Canola oil to your compost only if it is used for cooking plant-based food. You should not compost oil used for cooking or frying meat as it will attract rats and other rodents to your garden.

Use In Making Soap

use canola oil to make soap

Used Canola oil is also helpful for making soaps at home. It is a DIY project that requires three primary ingredients: Caustic Soda, water, and Canola oil.

You can also add some other oil to give it a pleasant smell. Check out this video on how to make your own Canola oil soap.

Use An Oil Disposal System

An oil disposal system is one of the best options for safely disposing of Canola oil. It is a disposal kit that has a plastic receptacle with foil-coated bags and can hold up to 32 ounces of oil (2 lbs). 

It has a lid, does not leak, and is available in different categories depending on your budget.

You only need to place it in your kitchen, put a bag, and pour cooled oil into it. Then you can seal the bag and dump it in the waste bin when it fills up.

Use The Waste System Of A Restaurant

You can dispose of Canola oil with the waste system of a nearby restaurant, but this method is best if you have oil in large quantities or if you can accumulate it over time.

It can also work if you use an oil disposal system. You can make arrangements with the restaurant to know how much you will need to pay.

Waste Disposal Companies

You can always rely on professional waste disposal companies to deliver, and the case is no different with disposing of Canola oil.

They will not only take care of your waste but also give you professional tips that suit their disposal method to avoid hitches. You can find the United States waste management agencies here

Dispose Of With A Recycling Company

Canola oil may be a hazardous waste, but it is also recyclable. Recycling companies can make biodiesel or biogas from your used oil. Therefore, it is a reliable method of disposal you should consider. 

You can locate a recycling center close to you at Earth911.

The Don’ts In Disposing Of Canola Oil

Below are some of the things to avoid when disposing of Canola oil and sometimes cooking oil in general:

  • Avoid flushing oil down the drain. It can clog up the septic system.
  • Avoid handling, not oil. Always leave it to cool off.
  • Avoid pouring oil directly into the garbage bin.
  • Avoid using biodegradable containers for disposing of liquid oil. Use an airtight container instead. 

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