Waste King L-8000 1.0-HP Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King L-8000


Motor Power






Grind Technology



  • Durable and easy to install
  • 1.0 Horsepower high speed 2800 RPM motor
  • Jam-Free, Mess-Free Feeds
  • Lifetime In-Home Service Warranty


  • Some parts are not covered by warranty


There are several ways to get rid of food waste, but not every way is environmentally responsible or safe. Besides, some ways are too inconvenient and if you drain the food waste down your kitchen sink, there are chances that it will block your sewage pipes, which can lead to expenditure in plumbing and possibly even replacement of a few parts. Not to mention all the trouble and inconvenience it will cause you and your family.

However, there is a very convenient and effective solution to your food waste disposal problem, and that solution is the L-8000 Legend Series 1HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal system by the popular brand Waste King. This food waste disposer lives up to its series name Legend and displays a waste disposal operation that no other brand can claim to match.

Waste King L-8000

It has an ultra-powerful motor to grind virtually all food waste, superior sound insulation for noiseless operation, stainless steel grinding components for durability and long product life, and corrosion-proof grinding chamber to give a quiet, efficient, and no-fuss waste disposal. You don’t have to take our word for it, but see for yourself. Once you install it, the continuous feed garbage disposer will earn its place beneath the sink in your kitchen.

Waste King Powerful Grind

The Legend L-8000 delivers an efficient and effective waste disposal operation all thanks to its energy efficient and high-speed Vortex permanent magnet motor, which can run at up to 2800 RPM. The Waste King L-8000 Waste Disposer is guaranteed to offer you more power per pound than any other disposer on the market.

The one horsepower motor can grind just about all kinds of food waste so that it can easily flow down the sewage lines without choking. The powerful motor only requires 115 volts, 7.0 amperes of current and 60 Hz to operate, which simply means that it can easily work in all households.

Jam-Free and Continuous Feeds

The Waste King Legend L-8000 waste disposer utilizes a continuous feed disposal system, which simply means that you can add food waste to it continuously while the unit is running. The swivel impellers made of stainless steel are designed to reduce jamming, while the easily-removable splash guard makes the cleaning job much easier.

The continuous feeding system of the Waste King’s Legend Waste Disposer makes it possible to dispose of all the waste right away instead of having to wait for the unit. It’s ideal for average households, and it’s designed to take care of all your waste disposal needs by working continuously to grind and process all the waste.


  • The Legend L-8000’s grinding components are designed to minimize wear. With its glass-filled nylon grinding chamber, there are no chances of corrosion, and that’s why Waste King offers a lifetime warranty for corrosion.
  • The grinding components of the L-8000 by Waste King are made of stainless steel, and all of these components are insulated so that you get as quiet a grind as possible. Noise won’t be a bother at all when you’re running this powerful yet quiet food waste disposer by Waste King.
  • The 2800 RPM permanent magnet Vortex motor is all about getting the grinding job done so that you can easily get rid of all the food waste efficiently. It can grind all kinds of food waste in no time, and this powerful 1HP motor can execute continuous grinding operation with no problems whatsoever.
  • The disposer is designed to work with properly sized septic tanks and it’s extremely easy to install due to its fast and easy mount system. All the necessary hardware, such as the gasket and drain elbow, is included to give a no-hassle installation.
  • Swivel impellers made of stainless steel are designed to reduce jamming so that the waste disposer works efficiently for years to come and the powerful grinder keeps grinding the waste effectively.
  • All the stainless steel grinding components are insulated to give a relatively quiet operation.
  • The waste disposer also comes with a 36-inch long power cord for easy electrical connection.
  • It also features a convenient front mount reset button and EZ plumb mounting system to give ease of use and convenience to all users.
  • It comes with a limited mechanical warranty that will replace the disposer in your home free of charge in case it develops a mechanical or material defect. It also comes with a lifetime warranty against rust or corrosion.



Waste King is a popular name in the waste disposal industry, and it’s no surprise as its products are all durable, reliable, and of high-quality. The products come with a lifetime warranty, which says a lot about the quality and reliability of the product.

As far as the L-8000 Legend Garbage Disposal System is concerned, it comes with a powerful motor, sound-insulated stainless steel components, and all the right features that you need in your new waste disposer. The installation is easy, and the waste disposer works with all septic tanks as well.


The Legend L-8000 is everything that you look for in a garbage disposer. Its reliability, durable build, quality, and effective performance are also covered by the lifetime warranty of Waste King, which means that you won’t have to invest in another waste disposer for a long, long time to come. Yes, it could cost you over $100, but that is a small price to pay considering that this waste disposer will serve you well for many years to come.