Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0-Horsepower Garbage Disposal Review


There are more than a few options to dispose of the food waste that accumulates every day in your kitchen, but not all are environmentally safe or responsible. There are also some methods that are environmentally responsible but very inconvenient such as draining food waste down the kitchen sink. However, the wastewater containing food waste can be used to generate renewable energy if the water treatment plant is capable.Waste King A1SPC

It’s much more environmental friendly to do so than dumping the food waste in landfills, but doing so can block your sewage pipes and you may have to end up spending hundreds in plumbing bills. Not to mention all the inconvenience it’ll cause you and your family. A situation such as this can easily get out of hand.

However, there is a solution, and it’s the Waste King A1SPC Knight Garbage Disposal System. It’s a powerful disposal system. By powerful what is meant is that it delivers a power output of one horsepower. It’s a convenient and effective garbage disposal device and one of the best products that Waste King has to offer.

The Knight Garbage Disposal System by Waste King is a thing of beauty that showcases the ultra-powerful 1HP motor, the new Snap & Lock mounting system, exclusive Silencer technology for sound insulation, grinding components made of stainless steel, and corrosion-proof grinding chamber for no-fuss and efficient waste disposal.

Powerful Grinding Motor

The Knight 1HP Garbage Disposal system is powered by the Vortex motor. This is an energy efficient and a high-speed motor that relies on permanent magnet and can give speeds up to 2700 RPM to generate a torque powerful enough to grind through large quantities of food waste.Waste King A1SPC

This Vortex motor is powerful enough to take care of all the food waste and convert it into liquid form so that it can flow through drainage pipes without choking or blocking them.

Jam-Free and Continuous Feeds

The Waste King A1SPC is a disposer designed to feature a continuous feed so that you can put in waste even when the unit is running. Operating it is simple; just run the machine, remove the sink stopper, run a mild flow of cold water and start putting in food waste one by one or all at once. While the continuous feed is a convenient option because it lets you finish waste disposal at once, it can jam the sink and drain. However, Waste King takes care of that with its swivel impellers that are designed to reduce jamming and essentially eliminate it.

Therefore, you can do the waste disposal job all at once. If you have a large amount of food waste, you can easily get rid of it in a few moments.


  • The high-speed and energy-efficient motor that relies on a permanent magnet can give up to 2700 RPM of torque to develop a grinding force that can take on a large quantity of food waste.
  • The Knight Garbage Disposal by Waste King is a continuous feed disposal system, meaning that you can easily add waste to it while the unit is running.
  • It also features swivel impellers made of stainless steel that don’t fully eliminate jamming but can reduce it to a noticeable extent so that you can get mess-free and jam-free feeds.
  • It features a grinding chamber made of glass-filled nylon so that there is zero risk of corrosion inside the chamber. The grinding components are all made of stainless steel to eliminate chances of rust and corrosion.
  • The grinding components and grinding chamber are fully insulated for a noise-proof and quiet grinding experience.
  • The garbage disposal system of the Knight series offered by Waste King also features the unique Snap & Lock mounting that will allow you to easily replace any existing disposer. The Knight A1SPC is designed for use with all properly sized septic tanks and can work perfectly by shredding waste to very small pieces. It also comes with a power cord of 36-inch in length.
  • It includes the Knight Disposal system with a 1HP motor. The Snap & Lock installation system, drain elbow, and a power cord are included as well.
  • The Waste King is a reliable name in the waste or garbage disposal systems, and this means that all customers get a limited mechanical warranty and a lifetime corrosion warranty.


Waste King is a renowned name in the waste and garbage disposal industry, so it’s no surprise that the products offered by it are durable, convenient, reliable and high-quality. All Waste King products such as the Knight Garbage Disposal system also come with a lifetime warranty, which says a lot about the quality and reliability of the product.


This Knight Garbage Disposer combines an ultra-powerful Vortex motor with sound-insulated stainless steel grinding components and a glass-filled nylon grinding compartment to deliver an all-time great disposer. It’s easy to install and operate as well, and all septic tanks of regular size can work well with this disposer.

The Waste King A1SPC Knight is everything that you need in a garbage disposer. Its reliability, durability, sturdy build, quality, and effective performance are also covered by the Waste King warranty, which simply means that you don’t need to invest in any other waste disposer anytime soon. It might not be the cheapest option available on the market, but it sure is one of the most reliable brand names and one of the best products when it comes to reliability, performance, and durability.


Besides, when you’re looking to buy a product that will help you for years to come, it’s important to look for durability and a trustworthy warranty instead of a low price or else you may even end up spending more. The Knight Garbage Disposer offers a very convenient solution to your kitchen’s food waste disposal needs, but it also gives an environmentally safe and responsible alternative to dumping waste in landfills.