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InSinkErator PROCCPLUS Pro Evolution Series 3/4 HP Food Waste Disposal with CoverStart Review


PROCCPLUS is an advanced food waste disposal system manufactured by InSinkErator. The company has been operating in this line of business for over 75 years. Although a US-based firm, InSinkErator has acquired quite the reputation for itself in the international market for garbage and food waste disposers. Its Evolution series of food waste disposals are one of the best in the market, being manufactured from high-quality materials.InSinkErator PROCCPLUS Pro

This internationally renowned company knows what its customers are seeking. Standard disposers in the market are known to be quite noisy which makes them cumbersome to use. However, InSinkErator’s Evolution Series garbage disposals have been created to do their job in a quiet yet perfect manner that you cannot help but find attractive.

Another problem common to typical garbage disposers is that they allow only a selective range of food to be disposed of or else the mechanism clogs up. InSinkErator has also solved this problem by producing its PROCCPLUS with a MultiGrind technology, which allows users to grind anything they desire. With this machine, you never have to worry about clogs or jams.

Furthermore, other food waste disposers that have been made available in the market have a motor which will start off as soon as the switch is turned on, which can be a bit dangerous. Thus, for your safety, PROCCPLUS has a Magnetic CoverStart Activation System which doesn’t activate the disposer until it is manually turned on.

Often the device is good enough, but the manufacturer is not willing to facilitate your purchase by providing a warranty. A product that arrives without a guarantee goes to show the commitment the manufacturer has towards pleasing its customers. In this respect, InSinkErator proves to be hundred percent committed to providing the best by offering a seven-year warranty on its PROCCPLUS model of garbage disposal. It includes house calls as well, where the company makes professionals available for you to call and have them do repairs and maintenance at your home.

InSinkErator has made its PROCCPLUS food waste disposer available at a price of $259. Up until now, the model has been awarded 5 out 5 stars by customers who have already experienced the wonder that it is.

Magnetic CoverStart Activation System

This technology makes the PROCCPLUS disposer stand out from the standard ones in the market. InSinkErator PROCCPLUS ProThis activation system does not allow for the device to start operating when the switch is turned on. There are two magnets embedded on the cover and two placed on the disposer. This activation system requires that the users first place the cover over the grind chamber and align the four magnets so that they are opposite to one another. After that, the motor starts running and the device starts grinding waste. This way the disposer is much safer to operate.

SoundSeal Technology

The PROCCPLUS has been embedded with this advanced, sound compressing technology which enables it to perform noisy tasks such as grinding quite silently. The quietness that ensues because of this technology is remarkable to the extent that one can have a decent conversation while being in the same room where this machine is operating. This technology involves insulating the surroundings of the device’s motor and developing the tailpipe and sink-mount with anti-vibration technology. When embedded in the exhaust, it prevents any transmission of sound that may occur through the tube. When embedded in the sink-mount, it stops noise from resonating through the throat of the disposal.


  • Magnetic CoverStart Activation System ensures safety.
  • SoundSeal technology enables the device to operate quietly.
  • MultiGrind technology allows the user to grind difficult food products such as celery and potato peels without worrying about clogging the device.
  • Grind chamber (which weighs 40 ounces) and stainless steel grind components can hold more volume. They also prolong the life of the machine.
  • Arrives with a power cord.
  • Quick Lock 3 bolt system makes it easy to set up, operate and replace.
  • Dura-Drive induction motor which runs on 3/4 horsepower allows the device to operate quietly and have a longer life.
  • Arrives with a seven-year warranty which includes parts and labor.
  • The machine weighs 24.9 pounds.
  • Measures 10 x 10 x 16.2 inches.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusions

The PROCCPLUS food waste disposal by InSinkErator has been well received. This is apparent from the fact that everyone has given it 5 out of 5 stars. For most users, the primary attraction is the Magnetic CoverStart Activation System as it does not allow the device to operate unless the cover has been placed and magnets have been aligned. This makes users feel safe while using the machine or when their children are using it. Other disposers do not offer such added safety.

Moreover, customers have highly appreciated the easy to install feature of the device. All it takes is a twist and turn operation to set the device into motion. This feature is also great because it helps users save up money they would have otherwise used to get professional help for installation.

Furthermore, users love the SoundSeal Technology, which lends them the quietness they desire while the machine is in operation. No standard disposal offers such a noise-reduction feature. Aside from this, another customer attraction has been the MultiGrind two-stage technology. It lets users grind whatever they want without having to worry about jamming or clogging the system. This kind of freedom is what customers have been seeking in garbage disposers, and it’s finally here!

The seven-year warranty has also been quite a hit amongst users who are just ecstatic to have been offered the ability to get repairs and maintenance work done from the comfort of their homes without having to take the entire unit outside.

A few users, however, felt that the price was a bit high, but even they realize that the technology embedded in the machine along with the overall quality is worthy of the handsome sum.

Nevertheless, every purchaser has been satisfied with the device and how InSinkErator has delivered on the promises that it made.