InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer Review

InSinkErator Evolution Compact


Motor Power






Grind Technology



  • Easy to install
  • 3/4 HP has been more than enough to get the job done
  • Anti-Vibration and SoundSeal Technology
  • Two grind stages
  • A four-year in-home warranty


  • The Evolution Compact uses a hardwired system and a power cord isn't inclouded.


Evolution Compact is a household garbage disposer model by InSinkErator. The brand has established quite a name for itself in the international market for garbage and food waste disposers. Its Evolution Series of disposers are the finest in the market, made in the USA with high-quality materials. Having been in this line of business for over 75 years, the USA based company is aware of what its customers are seeking. Typically, garbage and food waste disposers create a lot of noise. However, the InSinkErator has created its Evolution Series to perform the task in not only a better way but also in such a quiet manner that you cannot help but fall in love with this machine.

InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Furthermore, your standard disposers do not allow you to dispose of anything you desire as they have set requirements for the types of food wastes, which you have to abide. However, the Evolution Compact disposer is nothing like your conventional disposal devices. With its MultiGrind technology, you don’t have to worry about what food you are casting out, thereby leaving clogging and jams out of the question.

Sometimes it is not the device but the manufacturer which holds you back from purchasing a costly machine such as this. It is cumbersome to use a product for which the manufacturer will not take responsibility or offer any assistance in case of a breakdown. However, with InSinkErator purchases, you can be free from such worries. It offers its Evolution compact model with a 4-year limited time in-house warranty, which includes house calls as well. It has made professionals available at your call, and one of the best parts is that its service number happens to be toll-free. Call anytime and get the repair work you need. These services make purchasing the Evolution Compact Garbage Disposer even more of an attractive choice.

InSinkErator offers its Evolution Compact disposer on Amazon at a handsome price. As of yet, the machine has been awarded 4.7 out of 5 stars, which go to show the excellent quality and performance of the device.

SoundSeal Technology

It has a highly developed sound compressing technology, which has been embedded into the Evolution Compact disposer. SoundSealIt enables the device to make no noise so much so that you can have a decent conversation while sitting in the same room as this machine. This technology entails that the motor of the device is heavily insulated, while the sink mount and the tailpipe are both developed to be of anti-vibration technology. When embedded in the exhaust, this technology blocks any transference of sound that may occur through vibrations in the tube. The development of the sink mount with the same technology prevents any sound resonating from the disposer’s throat.

MultiGrind Technology

This is another technology that makes this disposer stand out from other devices in the market.2x_Grind It allows users to dispose of practically any food waste they want without worrying about clogging the machine. There are two stages of this technology. The first is the GrindShear Ring, which grinds food remains into small particles. The second stage is the Tri-Action Lug system which basically liquefies the small particles, enabling waste to flow smoothly through your sewage line.


  • SoundSeal technology which allows the device to make no noise when in operation.
  • MultiGrind two-stage technology allows you to grind solid food products.
  • The Quick Lock sink mount made of stainless steel makes this machine easy to set up and replace if need be.
  • The 34.6 oz. grind chamber and grind components made of stainless steel help it be durable.
  • Dura-Drive induction motor with 3/4 horsepower allows silent functioning of the device and a prolonged life.
  • 4-year in-house warranty.
  • Environmental-friendly.
  • Allows you to not only dispose but also recycle food remains.
  • Constructed of stainless steel.
  • Available in grey color only.
  • Weighs 19.4 pounds.
  • Does not arrive with a power cord.
  • Measures 8 x 8 x 12.1 inches.
  • Arrives with a Jam-Buster wrench, a Sink Baffle, a stopper, and an instruction manual on how to install it.

Evolution Compact Features

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

The user response to InSinkErator’s Evolution Compact Garbage Disposer has been favorable. The device is considered to deliver on its promises. Users love the SoundSeal Technology, which has resulted in the instrument being silent when in operation. The innovative anti-vibration components along with an insulated motor have acquired the highest of praise by those who have had the opportunity to experience it. Moreover, users love how it has not failed to grind and flush away whatever they have so far fed to the disposer. The MultiGrind technology does work miracles.

The disposer is thought to be attractive in appearance as well, unlike the standard ones which often appear to be of sub-quality. Furthermore, users have loved the fact that it’s the smallest of disposers available in the market. It, therefore, does not take up much space, thus permitting users to have more room for storage under the sink. Its small size also makes it ideal for households which already have limited cabinet space. Aside from this, users have appreciated the Quick Lock side mount, which has made it easier for them to install the machine, and the 4-year warranty, which has relieved them of any worries regarding breakdowns.


One or two people have, however, complained that the gear shaft broke down after a few months of working. These are exceptions though, and this issue can be dealt with if users just avail InSinkErator’s toll-free service line and let a professional fix it.

Overall, almost every purchaser of this product has been satisfied. With all the features the Evolution Compact disposer model offers, users are further smitten with the reasonable price on offer. In fact, many of them consider this disposer to be a cheap one as compared to the ordinary garbage disposers available in the market. It is durable, quiet, and compact – surely worth the money!