InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal System Review

InSinkErator Badger 5


Motor Power






Grind Technology



  • Easy to install
  • Good power output
  • Durable
  • Can be used for sewer or septic systems
  • Galvanized steel grind system


  • Plastic shell cover
  • Average quietness


There are many ways to get rid of food waste, but not all of them are effective and environmental-friendly. When food waste goes down the sink, it can easily choke your drainage system, which leads to you spending hundreds of dollars in plumbing, not to mention all the inconvenience and trouble it causes.

InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

However, there is a solution to your food waste problem, and that solution is the InSinkErator Badger 5 Food Waste Disposal System. The Badger Waste Disposer is a reliable and functional choice, especially when affordability is a major concern. It’s designed to be sturdy, rugged and powerful, which is why its powerful induction motor and galvanized stainless steel construction make the Badger 5 Food Waste Disposal System an exceptional performer on the market.

Besides, InSinkErator is the world’s oldest and most renowned brand of food waste disposal systems. It has been providing food waste disposal systems for over 75 years now. It’s not only the world’s largest manufacturer of disposers but also the only food disposer owner that makes its products in the USA. Getting rid of food waste was never as easy as it is made by the InSinkErator Badger 5 Food Waste Disposal System.

InSinkErator Grind Technology

The InSinkErator Badger 5 Food Waste Disposal System is able to get rid of all the food waste by liquefying it, but what makes it so powerful? The Badger 5 relies on one-stage grind technology that uses a GrindShear Ring to make grinding even the toughest foods possible including bone and such.1X Grind Virtually all food waste can be liquefied using this Grind Technology so that it flows safely into the sewage system and you don’t have to deal with any blockages whatsoever.

This state of the art and superior grind technology is what makes the InSinkErator Badger 5 the best food waste disposal system on the market. The ½ HP output of the disposer makes it an unstoppable and powerful grinder that will take care of all the food waste for you. The galvanized stainless steel construction and powerful induction motor mean that it’s guaranteed to liquefy virtually all food waste.

Easy to Install

It’s true that all of InSinkErator’s food waste disposal systems are easy to install, and that’s even truer for the Badger 5 Food waste disposal system. The reason InSinkErator Badger 5 is the easiest waste disposer to install is its Bagdger 5 installQuick Lock sink mount that is made of stainless steel. Removing the waste disposer is as easy and fast as possible as all you have to do is twist the disposer off. Putting a new one in its place is even easier as all you have to do is twist the disposer on. The Quick Lock technology lets you replace any InSinkErator branded disposer.

When you order your new Badger 5 Food Waste Disposal System, you will also get the Quick Lock sink mount made of stainless steel, Jam-Buster wrench, stopper, tailpipe and tailpipe gasket. It’s no surprise that every nine out of ten plumbers prefer InSinkErator brand of food waste disposal systems for the product quality, grind superiority, sound, durability and in-home warranty.


  • Easy to install food waste disposal system; Quick Lock sink mount lets you twist off the disposer and twist it back on easily. Installation instructions are also provided with the food waste disposal system.
  • The waste disposer is made of rugged and galvanized stainless steel that makes the disposer a durable, sturdy, and reliable one. It’s an investment for the ages as the waste disposer will surely last for a long time.
  • To further make the installation easier, a Jam-Buster wrench, a stopper, a tailpipe and a tailpipe gasket are provided with the Badger 5 Food Waste Disposal System.
  • With its powerful motor and power output, this food waste disposal system can easily get rid of all food waste. It’s designed to give a single yet powerful grind that is enough to take care of virtually all food waste.
  • The single grind technology by Badger makes it capable of handling all waste such that it can easily pass through all sewage lines.
  • InSinkErator is a 75-year-old brand that has been building the best food waste disposal systems for decades now, which are available in various sizes and models to suit your applications. The Badger 5 is one of them.
  • A 2-year in-home warranty is also provided with the Badger 5. This warranty includes free house calls and free parts and labor from InSinkErator for the entirety of the warranty period.
  • The InSinkErator will fulfill the warranty through a network of almost 1500 professional agents trained and certified to repair, replace, and install InSinkErator waste disposers.


The InSinkErator brand of waste disposers is the biggest brand in the market and rightfully so. The Badger 5 lives up to the reputation and provides all the features you need in a standard food waste disposal system. It’s powerful and capable of handling all the food waste, and it is designed to be durable and reliable. The in-home warranty that covers parts and labor for two years says something about the quality of service InSinkErator is offering.

A drawback is that you have to remember some tips to ensure trouble-free operation, but they are fairly simple and easy to follow. Avoid pouring grease or fat into the disposer. Use cold water when using your disposer and occasionally dispose of citrus fruit peels to freshen the disposer.


A food waste disposal system such as the Badger 5 offers more than just practical convenience for the average kitchen user. It offers an environmentally sound reply to the ever-growing issue of food waste. Badger 5 and other food waste disposal systems provide an environmentally safe and responsible alternative to the transport of food waste to landfills.

Using this food waste disposal system will help you do your part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions because, at any capable wastewater treatment plant, it’s possible to recycle food waste to produce