General Electric GFC535V 1/2-Horsepower Continuous Feed Garbage Disposer Review

GE GFC535V Garbage DisposalIntroduction

There has been more and more emphasis on making sure everything we do is as green as possible. This applies to dealing with food waste as well. As a result, many of our once common practices such as burning waste out in the open have been replaced with more environment-friendly alternatives. Now food waste disposers are used to carry the food waste from your household to the sewage drains via drainage pipes. There are many companies that make great, high-quality products, but perhaps none of them are as well-known and as well-loved as General Electric (GE).

Ever since its inception in 1892, GE has continued to push the envelope when it comes to innovation and technology. A product that showcases its technical drive is the GFC535V 1/2 Horsepower Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer. This product is a highly capable unit, which can chomp down food waste into such tiny pieces that they can easily be transported from your kitchen sink to the city sewer. There are many great features of the GFC535V Food Waste Disposer, the best of which are discussed in detail below.

Unmatched Grinding Action

You may debate that the GE GFC535V Garbage Disposal does not have the best features for a food waste disposal system in its price bracket, but what remains indisputable is the fact that it has one of the most powerful and efficient food disposers in the work. GE GFC535V Garbage DisposalClocking in at over 2800 RPM grinding action, the GE GFC535V Garbage Disposal is a force to be reckoned with. Its impressive stainless steel impellers are jam resistant, which means that you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on their upkeep or maintenance.

There are many other features that are notable such as the incredible 1/2 horsepower permanent magnet motor engine, which is what powers this mammoth of a device. This power source means that the device can grind almost anything that you send down the drain. This includes materials which were previously thought to be unprocessable like chicken bones and chunks of raw meat which, thanks to the GE GFC535V, can now be grounded in such a fine form that they can easily pass through the drainage pipes without any problem whatsoever. Hence, getting rid of food waste has become easier than ever before.

Ridiculously User-Friendly

One aspect of the GE GFC535V Food Waste Disposal that is massively underappreciated is that it is very user-friendly. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how this product works or how to install it in your house. You won’t even require the services of a professional plumber because it is ridiculously easy to install and operate.

To use the GE GFC535V, all you need to do is take out the sink stopper, make sure that there is a continuous flow of water (preferably cold, but hot will do just as well), and turn the food disposal system on. There you have it, the GE GFC535V Garbage Disposer is ready for operation. You can now start chugging food waste down the GFC535V and be amazed as this powerful food waste disposal system quickly reduces it to a powdered form.

Furthermore, the design of this food waste disposer is also quite remarkable. It houses a two-level precutter, a power button (your standard ON/OFF switch), the sink stopper mentioned above, and a splashguard. Moreover, it comes packed with a manual overload protection mechanism, which comes in handy should you cast too much down the drain, causing it to get clogged.

Product’s Specifications

  • The GE GFC535V Disposer houses the revolutionary DrainBoost technology. This means that a tilted fin is used to pump water with a lot of force, which helps reduce the number of clogged pipes significantly.
  • The impressive 1/2 horsepower permanent magnet motor of the GE GFC535V Food Waste Disposer is capable of reaching speeds as high as 2800 RPM.
  • The blades are made from 100% pure stainless steel and have the impressive anti-jam technology, which means that there is very low probability that your pipes will ever get clogged.
  • The GE GFC535V Disposal is very easy to install and even simpler to operate. The product comes with a manual that highlights the important do’s and don’ts of the installation process so that you don’t have to ever run into any problem.
  • It is extremely lightweight as it weighs only 10 pounds. This is significantly lighter than most food waste disposers available in the market, which tend to weigh upwards of 15 pounds.


There is no denying the fact that General Electric has taken the food waste industry by storm by launching the GFC535V Food Waste Disposer. This product has everything that you expect from a good food waste disposer and is easily one of the better products that we have reviewed thus far. If you feel like we’re too kind on this food waste disposer because we like General Electric’s products, you couldn’t be more wrong. We ask you to visit the Amazon page of the product where it has a very respectable rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars.


Customers have applauded General Electric for making such a sturdy product and selling it at such a low price.

In a nutshell, the GE GFC535V Garbage Disposal (or GE GFC530V if you prefer direct wire power connection) is a high-performance, state-of-the-art food waste disposer which is available in the market for just under 110 USD (last time I checked). Considering how long this product tends to last, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is an absolute bargain and you would be hard pressed to find such a good deal in the market again.