General Electric GFC525V 1/2-Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposal Food Waste Disposer Review


Getting rid of food waste can be really troublesome. Most people leave food waste in trash bins from where it’s taken to landfills. While that’s probably the most convenient thing to do, it’s not the most environmentally responsible and safe solution.General Electric GE-GFC525V

Americans throw almost 25% of their food, and decomposing food waste is one of the biggest contributors to the production of methane gas, which is significantly contributing to global warming. There’s a much more environmentally responsible way to get rid of your food waste. For instance, if you dump the food waste in your sewage lines, it can be used to develop renewable energy with the help of proper wastewater treatment plants.

However, the problem with this option is that throwing food waste down the sink isn’t very convenient and more often than not, you’ll end up choking the pipes. But there’s a solution to that problem, and it’s called getting a food waste disposal system. That’s where General Electric GFC525V Food Waste Disposer enters the picture.

The GE GFC525V Continuous-Feed System features high torque and high speed (RPM), which means you can grind food waste into fine particles at a very fast rate. It’s a large capacity and continuous feed disposal system that will make disposing of food waste so much easier for you.

Convenient Design

The food waste disposal system by General Electric is very thoughtfully constructed, and the convenient design of the disposer reflects in its features. The two-level precutter for better grinding, the on/off wall switch including a sink stopper, the splashguard for cleaning, and the manual reset overload protector are all features that make using and operating the waste disposal system much easier.General Electric GE-GFC525V

The disposal system also features dual swivel impellers that are made of stainless steel and are jam-resistant to give a continuous grinding operation. That’s not all the design of this powerful yet elegant waste disposal system has to offer as it also features an armature shaft made of cold-rolled carbon steel material, a sink flange made of stainless steel, and a turntable made of galvanized steel.

All these efficient features and well-built parts add durability and increase the product’s life. The convenient design of this disposal system is a major reason why it is a fan favorite.

Easy to Use Continuous Feed

The continuous feed is the very first feature of this waste disposal system that catches the eye of the user, and it further adds to the convenience that you get with it. Having continuous feed means the operation is as easy as it can get.
Simply remove the sink stopper and turn on the cold water in a medium flow. Using warm water isn’t recommended. Afterward, flip the switch on the disposal system to “On” and start scraping in the food waste. After the shredding and grinding are done, let the water run for half a minute so that all the waste is flushed thoroughly through the sink trap and drain system.
The continuous feed lets you put all the waste in at once so that you don’t have to wait for the grinding operation to take place. The waste disposal system is 5.19-inch deep and 5.5-inch wide so that you can easily put in a good quantity of waste directly for grinding.


  • It has a powerful motor generating up to 1/2 horsepower for the grinding action. The large capacity of the disposer and powerful motor combine to give a continuous and thorough grinding action of the food waste.
  • The motor can generate up to 2800 RPM of torque and speed to provide a grinding action that can overcome virtually any food waste to shred and grind it down to small pieces that can easily move through sewerage pipes.
  • The disposal system features dual swivel impellers that are made of stainless steel and are completely jam resistant to ensure a smooth and continuous grinding operation of the food waste.
  • The disposal system is easy to install and features the EZ mount installation that makes it easy to install and remove. It comes with a power cord connection as well to enable easy connection to any nearby switchboard.
  • To ensure a relatively quiet and noiseless operation, the food waste disposal system features a standard sound insulation package to give you a powerful yet quiet operation to keep the party going for those holiday dinners.
  • The disposal system is made of durable parts including the cold-rolled carbon steel armature shaft, splashguard for cleaning, wall switch with a sink stopper, dishwasher drain connector, manual reset overload protection device, sink flange made of stainless steel, turntable made of galvanized steel, and a two-level precutter for the proper grinding action.


If you’re looking for a waste disposal system that is powerful, hardworking, easy to install, quiet and can take care of all the dirty work, this system by GE is the perfect candidate. It offers large capacity for continuous grinding, a quiet operation for using the disposer even when you have guests over, a convenient design, and lots of features for ease of use. It can work safely with any regularly sized septic system because it reduces all food waste to very small particles.


It’s a corrosion resistant disposal system that will make getting rid of food waste so much easier. Installing it is easy and operating it is even easier. The disposer ticks all the right columns, and it gets the job done. At 1/2 horsepower, it may not be the most powerful of the waste disposal systems available out there, but you can easily look at other high powered disposal systems offered by General Electric if you think 1/2 horsepower won’t be enough for your kitchen needs. It’s all about getting the right disposal system for your kitchen, and the GE GFC525V is the right one for most American kitchens.