General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposal Review


It is strenuous for most people to dispose of those little solid bits of leftover food that usually get stuck in the drain. Most people have a separate place for the kitchen’s garbage, yet they are unable to keep the smelly and decayed residue of food in it even for a day because it is quite unbearable. Besides, whether you keep your garbage can inside or outside your home, handling and getting rid of waste, especially food waste, can be a messy chore. People also avoid keeping chunks of leftover food such as pizza crusts, banana peels or other food waste in bagged garbage because they attract insects and animals and create an unhygienic environment around their home.General Electric GFC520V

General Electric Continuous Feed Disposal is designed to deal with such problematic issues. By installing it in your kitchen, you can quickly discard all food waste down your drain and into the feed disposal. This disposal completely breaks down and liquefy food waste that goes into it so that it can easily circulate in your sewage system. Not only will it help you get rid of food waste, but it will also allow you to have fewer garbage bags and cans, resulting in fewer trips carrying trash bags to the curbside.

Moreover, it is very easy to use. To initiate the operation, first detach the sink stopper and open the cold water tap. Then, turn the disposal’s switch on and rake all of the food waste in it. You don’t need to do anything else except turning the switch off when it’s done. One necessary thing to remember is that before turning it off, allow both the water and disposal to run for twenty-five more seconds. It is a necessary step for making sure that the food wastage is entirely flushed and drained.

Remarkable Design and Construction

GE Continuous Feed Disposal is a compact machine, having a weight of over nine pounds. Due to its compactness, it can be easily installed in most areas under the sink. All of its parts are constructed with durable metals, so it doesn’t get damaged quickly. It contains dual swivel blades made of stainless steel, which have been designed in such a way that no matter how solid food you dispose of, it never gets jammed. Moreover, two levels inside the disposal precut the food leftovers and the impellers assist in pulverizing whatever food materials are put into it.

Produces Less Noise

Unlike some garbage disposal machines, this feed disposal has a full sound insulation system, which allows it to reduce the grinding sound of the machine whenever you are using it. Also, there is a removable splash guard which not only helps you dispose of waste without any mess but also aids in maintaining as little sound as possible by muffling noise between the sink and garbage disposal.

Product’s Specification

  • Over 2,800 RPM: This device can go up to 2,800 RPM so that it can grind your food waste more quickly and finer as compared to regular disposals.
  • 1/2 HP Motor: It has an incredibly powerful permanent magnet motor of ½ horsepower which provides a very efficient working.
  • Dual Swivel Impellers: It works with dual swivel grinding blades made from stainless steel that won’t jam and are much less likely to corrode until you try to push a massive amount of junk at the same time.
  • EZ Mount Installation: It has an EZ mount installation so that there are only a few parts and steps required in installing this unit. General Electric provides fewer components and actions as compared to its competitors, which make installation a breeze.
  • Large Capacity Feed Disposer: This disposer has a large capacity, allowing you to scrape ample amount of food waste. Moreover, because of its large capacity, it grinds food faster, which can save you a lot of time.
  • Two Level Precutting: It has a two-level precutting mechanism. It helps chop and pulverize the food finely.
  • Standard Sound Insulation Package: It has a full sound insulation package which aids in reducing the noise level. Usually, people avoid using feed disposals because they make loud grinding sounds. However, this product provides a noise-free environment for the ease of customers.
  • Splashguard: The splashguard provides mess-free disposal functions and aids in minimizing the noise along with the insulator.
  • Other Specifications: The other specifications include manual reset overload protector, wall-switch with sink stopper, galvanized steel turntable, stainless steel sink flange, dishwasher drain connector, and direct wire power connection.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

The General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposal has got about 292 customer reviews on Amazon out of which 240 are positive, which is about 82% of the total reviews. Most of the people who have used this product said that it is an excellent feed disposal system which comes with astounding design, less noise, and fast grinding process. Apart from all of these pros, it has a con too. No matter how much it boasts about its EZ mount installation, some people will need a professional for installing it. It might cost you more money, but if we look at the big picture with its durability, quietness, and fast-grinding actions, this expense will be worthy of your money. Besides, it is not an issue with all of the customers on Amazon but a few. Hence, this con is a very insignificant one.


This disposal system is surely a satisfying product. It is not wrong to say that its manufacturers have put a lot of time and efforts in making it. This product is primarily designed by keeping in mind sound insulation, speedier grinding, large capacity, and durability. The focus of General Electronics while producing this product is its customers. No doubt, it is a perfect appliance for you and your kitchen needs. With an affordable price and exceptional features, it is highly recommended for everyone who needs to get rid of scraps of food in an efficient, quiet, and non-messy manner.