Garbage Disposal Reviews – Your Easy Guide To Buying A Garbage Disposal

Disposing Is Easy

One of the most convenient invention for cooks is the garbage disposal. By pressing one switch, your food waste is disposed of. It is quite simple to use; you put your extra food in the drain and the garbage disposal grinds the food into small enough pieces that they don’t clog or block your drainage pipes.disposal_cutaway

The garbage disposals come with their own advantages and disadvantages, especially with respect to the environment. Their biggest advantage is that the amount of garbage send over to the landfills is quite less, but their biggest disadvantage is that they require sufficient amount of water and energy to dispose of the garbage. The local government of many cities might dissuade the usage of residential garbage disposals since their sewer systems and water supply facilities are not good enough. Even if your municipality allows you to use a garbage disposal, this facility may be more expensive than you can imagine.

Our garbage disposal guide can help you find the perfect product to fulfill your family’s needs.

Got no time to read all this? Don’t you worry! Here are the latest version of the comparison tables sorted by Manufacturers, containing the best garbage disposals out there.


Best Garbage Disposals in 7 Categories

Overall Best Garbage Disposal
InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer

Best 3/4 Horse Power Garbage Disposal
InSinkErator Evolution Essential 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer

Best 1/2 Horse Power Garbage Disposal
Waste King L-2600 Legend Series 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal

Best 1/3 Horse Power Garbage Disposal
InSinkErator Badger 1, 1/3 HP Household Food Waste Disposer

Best Budget Garbage Disposal
Waste King Legend Series L-111 1/3 HP Garbage Disposer

Best-Selling Garbage Disposal
InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal System

Best-Buy (Value-For-Money) Garbage Disposal
Waste King L-8000 1.0-HP Garbage Disposal


Things to Know About a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal fulfills the demands of many people by providing them comfort while helping them preserve the environment. It helps the user by grinding waste such as leftover fat, meat, and bones and pushing them down into the sewage system instead of letting those scraps of food slowly decompose in some landfill. By doing some tests, we have concluded that some garbage disposals work better than others and ground food quickly and more finely, reducing the chances of getting your drain blocked. Some are also less prone to jams than others.evolution_200__large

Food scraps are things that usually invite bugs and pests into your house. By draining the food scraps instead of throwing them away in the trash cans, the number of pests and bugs around your house will be reduced.

This is one of the reasons that local governments of many cities have made it mandatory for newly built houses to have proper garbage disposals. In fact, in many small cities or towns, the local governments charge their residents by volume for waste removal. This could be the reason why almost half of the American households have a garbage removal or disposal machine in their houses.

4 Questions to Answer Before Buying a Garbage Disposal

There are four questions whose answers will help you find the best garbage disposal for your home.

Can I Use a Garbage Disposal in My Locality?

Before installing a garbage disposal system in your house, contact your local authorities responsible for managing the sewer systems and find out the local policy. Some local governments discourage the use of garbage disposal systems because of the limited water supply or inadequate sewer systems. Some local bodies may not allow it altogether, while others may require a special permit.

Do I Need a Bigger Septic Tank?

Your septic tank may not be big enough to fulfill the needs of your household while supporting a garbage disposal system since this system consumes a large quantity of water. Get in contact with your building inspection body or health officer to check whether your septic tank is enough or you need a bigger one. An alternative to this problem is that you can make sure your septic tank is empty more often than usual.

Can I Afford the Extra Usage of Water?

If your area faces droughts or severe shortage of water, garbage disposal may not be the way to go. Since it requires extra water for disposing of the food every time it is used, your water bill will be increased significantly. If 2.5 gallons of water are used in a minute by most faucets, your water needs will be increased to 900 gallons of water per year if you use the faucet only a minute every day.

Can My Plumbing Support It?

If you have frequent plumbing problems, installing a garbage disposal will only increase them. If your plumbing systems get blocked frequently, by adding a garbage disposal, it will only increase the problem as it will increase the amount of solid waste in your drainage pipes, making them more prone to clogging. Before buying a garbage disposal system, make sure that your septic system is free of problems and either enlarged or frequently emptied.

Types of Garbage Disposal

Many manufacturers are marketing their products by differentiating them from other similar products available in the market. There are limited number of companies that manufacture the most garbage disposals. These companies sell their machines under various brand names. Most of the machines that exist under various brands are either produced by InSinkErator or Anaheim Manufacturing Company (Waste King). There are other companies as well like General Electric, but these two rule the market.

Before buying a garbage disposal, you must first know about its two types.


In this type, there is a switch mounted near the disposal. It could be either an electric switch on the wall or an air duct switch placed on your sink. First, you let the water flow through the drain for some seconds, which cleans the drain of any material that was left in it. As the name describes, you can put the food scraps continuously while the garbage disposal is on and turn it off once you are done. This is the most commonly used type of garbage disposal.

The major advantage of using this type is that it is very fast and easy to use. Your waste is disposed as soon as it’s put down the drain; no instructions to follow and no waiting for the garbage disposal to finish up the first batch before you put in the next one. Since this type is mostly used, it has many models available in the market. It is also cheaper than batch-feed garbage disposal.

The major disadvantage is that it is unsafe to use. People with smaller hands can get their hands stuck while they are disposing of their food. Since it is disposing of continuously, it also possesses a danger of throwing small and sometimes large pieces of bones and other types of scraps outside the drain. Some companies provide the users with a stopper that is stopped at such an angle that it covers the drain and makes sure that the small pieces don’t fly out of the drain.


As the name describes, in a batch-feed garbage disposal, you’ll have to fill the drain or the chamber of the garbage disposal and once it’s full, cover it with a plug and push it to turn on the disposal system. There is no electric or air duct switch required for it to work. Once your current batch is in, you can add the other one and keep repeating this cycle until you have completely disposed of your food scraps.

The biggest advantage of this type is that it is very safe to use and perfect for families with small children. The stopper starts/stops the disposal mechanism and keeps the fingers out of the disposal system when it’s working. It also keeps out pieces of food from flying out of it since it is completely covered by the stopper or the plug. It also keeps your utensils safe from falling into the garbage disposal when it’s working.

The disadvantage of this type is that it is more expensive and hence, less used by people. Since it’s not used by many people, there are not many models available to choose from in the market. The stopper is also very important for its working, so if a user loses their stopper, they will not be able to use the garbage disposal until they find it. This type also takes more time and many cycles to dispose of a large amount of food scraps or garbage.

Which Motor Size Suits You the Best?

Since most of the garbage disposals are manufactured by the same company, differentiating between them might be a problem for the buyer. However, even though the manufacturing companies may be the same, the garbage disposals itself can be differentiated on the basis of their size, performance, quality, durability and price. Garbage-DisposalYou can find both cheap and expensive models. Their price varies with the number of features they offer, so you’ll have to focus on what features you want in your garbage disposal before buying one. High-end models will offer more features than a lower-end one, and you’ll probably get all the features that you’ve paid for. InSinkErator offers one of the best models available in the market, but that doesn’t mean that there are no other models that can fulfill your needs. There are many other models which can provide the features that you are looking for at a reasonable price.

The next thing to keep in mind after the features is the size of the garbage disposal. The size should be appropriate enough to fit in your kitchen’s space. Horsepower and size of the garbage disposals are directly proportional i.e. the bigger the size, the more horsepower it offers. The size doesn’t only depend on your kitchen space but also on the amount of the food that will be disposed of and the size of your household. By keeping in mind the number of food scraps that you’ll have to dispose of and how often you’ll be cooking, you can choose the perfect size and the required horsepower of your garbage disposals.

On the basis of size, the horsepower is divided into four types.

One-Third (1/3) Horsepower

If your household consists of one or two people, this horsepower is perfect for you. This model is quite small, which makes it cheaper as well. A household this small does not cook often or even if they do, the amount of food scraps generated is not much, which in the end shows that the garbage disposal most probably will not be in regular use. These garbage disposals are not usually made of stainless steel, which will make them more prone to rust if they are used regularly. Another disadvantage of using this type is that since they have quite a small horsepower, they cannot grind hard things such as bones and are limited to vegetables and other soft things. These types also tend to be more prone to jams and can block your sewage systems.

Therefore, if you are living alone or with your partner and do not cook much, this garbage disposal is perfect for you as it does not take up much space under the sink and comes at a very reasonable price.

Half (1/2) Horsepower

½ horsepower is also one of the cheaper models and is suitable for a small household of 1 to 2 and maximum 3 people. This model is perfect for standard usage and falls in the budget of most households. This type also lacks the power to grind things such as bones and is limited to vegetables and other relatively soft scraps of food. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to install and a user can install it themselves without needing the services of a plumber. Many models of this type have stainless steel chambers, which make them more long-lasting and reliable than 1/3 horsepower models as well as easy to clean and maintain.

Three-Fourth (3/4) Horsepower

The models of this type do not only offer more horsepower than the types mentioned above, but they are also relatively expensive. These models are suitable for a family that has 3 to 4 members, which is the average size of a normal household. These models also come with stainless steel chambers which make them less prone to rust, increase their durability, and make them easier to clean. Since the size is directly proportional to the horsepower, these models are quite bigger in size than the ones mentioned above and will be difficult to install without extra help. Some of the models might even have a weight of more than 16 pounds. Due to the bigger size and more horsepower, these garbage disposals can easily and quickly dispose of the food scraps of all types. These models jam less and some of them even come with some extra features such as noise reduction.

One (1) Horsepower

These models are very expensive but also offer the most power and are perfect for families consisting of more than 4 members. This model can dispose of any type of food scrap without any difficulty. It can even grind food scraps as hard as coffee grounds, and the blades are much less prone to jamming. These garbage disposals are quite weighty, and some might even weigh more than 30 pounds. They are perfect for large families and cook very often. Even though these models are huge and expensive, they also offer several features that improve their performance.

Features That You Need to Keep in Mind

We found by testing that some garbage disposals may not provide the promised features and durability. noise_levelWe discovered that many models that offer less warranty and features are more expensive than models that offer the same features. According to one of the leading garbage disposal manufacturers, InSinkErator, your garbage disposal can last up to 10-12 years, though all models might not last up to a decade. Thus, it is easy to conclude that just because a garbage disposal has a long warranty, it doesn’t imply that it will last long. Furthermore, some models tend to be more expensive than their competitors. Here are some features of garbage disposals to keep in mind while buying one.

Electric Cord

Without an electric cord, you’ll have to hard-wire the garbage disposal.

Auto-Reverse Mode

If a machine has this mode, it can easily clear blocked pieces of food.


Some models of the ½ horsepower category can also dispose of bones and other softer scrapes of food. However, if your food scraps usually consist of more hard than soft food, ¾ or 1 horsepower is definitely your way to go. The garbage disposals that we have tested grind the food into smaller pieces and do so in less time as well. By grinding the food into smaller pieces, they have less chance of blocking the drains. CAUTION! Doesn’t matter the brand or how powerful the motor is, never feed it stuff you couldn’t swallow, and always run COLD WATER, especially if you have old waste plumbing. Never clumps of dry pasta or whole vegetable hearts/stalks.

Quick-Mount Neck

Many of the garbage disposals offer these necks as a way to make it easy to install for a user without needing extra assistance from a plumber. However, in the case of ¾ and 1 horsepower machines, the user will need some extra help as they are quite heavy and will be difficult to install for a single person.

Stainless Steel Chambers

These chambers make the machine not only more durable but also easy to clean. Through some of our tests, we concluded that these chambers can become damaged by grinding tough food scraps such as beef bones.

Safety Cover

These covers are usually found on machines manufactured by InSinkErator. The garbage disposal will not work until the cover is placed in its correct place.


The warranty can be between 1-10 years. Like we mentioned before, a longer warranty doesn’t imply that your machine will last long. The longer the warranty, the more costly your garbage disposal will be.

Dos and Don’ts of Garbage Disposal

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

If you don’t clean your machine regularly, the food scraps stuck in the machine will start smelling. The best way to clean your machine is by adding some liquid dish wash and running cold water for a minute to clean any stuck food pieces. This process takes less than five minutes and can be done right after you finish washing your dishes.

Use It Regularly

For families who do not use their garbage disposal regularly, it advised to do so. If the machine is not used regularly, the parts will rust, even the stainless steel ones. By running it regularly, you can clean the stuck food scraps as well as keep the machine’s parts from corroding.

Always Grind Some Cleansing Materials

Egg shells, fruit peels, and chicken bones help sharpen the blades of the machine while cleaning the chambers.

Always Grind Small Pieces

If your machine is not powerful enough, large pieces of waste food may clog the drains. Cut large pieces into smaller ones so that they can’t do much damage to your machine.

Do Not Grind Metal, Glass, Plastic, Paper, and Hard Food Scraps

Since your machine’s blades are not strong enough to grind plastic, glass, and metals, these things can do enough unrepairable damage that you’ll have to buy a new unit. Paper can be ground, but it can block your drain. It is also advised not to grind hard bones such as beef bones as they can ruin your blades.

Do Not Dispose of Cigarette Butts

Against common beliefs, cigarette butts cannot be disposed of using a garbage disposal. The butts are not ground properly and left behind in the chambers, and these pieces of butts can cause serious plumbing problems.

Do Not Pour Fat or Oil

Fat and grease are harmful to your machine as they can not only clog your drains but also hinder in the disposal of your food.

Avoid Disposing of Fibrous Food Scraps

Husks of corn, onion skin, and artichokes can jam your blades because of their fibrous nature. Cut this type of food into small pieces to prevent them from entangling around the blades and damaging them in the process.


Keep in mind all the features that you need to look for while buying your garbage disposal. Do not rush into buying one. Take your time, do your homework and buy the one that fits your and your household’s needs. Make sure to look at all the features, check out the prices of various other models that offer the same features, and choose the one that has the most reasonable price as well as all the required features.

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